Saturday Music

17 03 2007

I went to the Campinas Symphony this evening and it was lovely. They played pieces from Beethoven’s Opus 43, Opus 61, and Opus 93. I sat in the fourth row, in lovely comfy chairs that you might find in a pretty decent living room, and enjoyed the listening for nearly two hours. One of the teachers in our school is in the symphony but I didn’t realize that until I saw her during intermission and asked where she was sitting. And then she said, “I’m playing.” So I’ll just chalk that up to being generally and grossly ignorant about most things in the world.

But it occurred to me half way throught the evening that it felt wonderful to be participating in a cultural event, even though I was by myself. And what made it more enjoyable for me was that I could understand everything that was going on. It sounds cliche, I know, but I don’t have to speak Portuguese to understand Beethoven and so I had a joyful night at the symphony followed by hummus and beer at an Arabian restaurant with Mandy and Brandon. All in all, it was a great day and I’m sure my sleep tonight will be just great. Nine days left until Dennis arrives and so if I can fill it with things like this he’ll be here in no time. Tomorrow I’m going to a free performance of the musical “Hairspray.”




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