Smells like Labor Day.

18 03 2007

So in the reverse world of the southern hemisphere, according to what I’ve noticed so far, I think what I’m smelling in the air is the equivalent of a Labor Day barbequeue. I say this because yesterday I went to Shopping Iguatemi to pick up some things and saw that all of the displays in the windows of clothing stores had changed to fall collections. Big heavy sweaters, down jackets, gloves and hats. It’s kind of silly, though, because here I am in a sun dress. I think it’s hilarious how cold they think it gets here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gets chilly, yes. But to my New England blood, it is still very much summer here and, when I went into a store to look around, I nearly laughed in the salewoman’s face when she held up a chunky red woolen turtleneck sweater and asked if I liked it. I was wearing flipflops and a tanktop yesterday. How is it possible to think of red wool turtleneck sweaters when you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt?
So as I’m sitting here in my breezy apartment and cleaning up around me, I’m smelling a churrasco down below somewhere. Its scents are wafting up into my living room and making my mouth water and I’m thinking, If it’s fall in the mall, then it must be somewhere around Labor Day at people’s houses, which would make sense that there would be an end-of-summer churrasco going on around here.
You should smell it here. It is the best most succulent aroma in the world. And you know that when you smell churrasco, you’re around a gathering of friends and family who will be partying and relaxing for hours. American barbequeues are so different from Brazilian churrascos. Churrascos last forever and people come and go and there’s SO much fresh, beautiful meat and it is never-ending. Perfectly cooked filets of carne, frango, and grilled sausage. They cut up the pieces small here and then pile it into small French rolls and top it off with vinaigrette, which is really like diced tomatoes, onion, garlic and lots of vinegar. It is SO fresh and amazing. No such thing as ketchup and mustard and potato salad at these things. My taxi-driver the other day was talking about his impression of American barbequeues and he was pretty right on. “Lots of hamburgers,” he said. Yup. In my opinion, Brazilian churrascos are a lot healthier and less about gorging oneself on tons of fatty food than American BBQs are. Might explain a few things if you think about it.
I think when I move home to the States and have a backyard of my own someday I’m going to have churrascos. They make more sense.




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