19 03 2007

I think the title pretty much says everything.

It rained all last night, through the morning, and into the afternoon. By lunch time, it was so chilly that I felt the air straight through my SWEATER and JEANS. People…it was COLD today. And rainy. It was March in New England if ever there was one. Except it is March in Brazil and it’s approaching fall. Tomorrow is the first day of fall. What the hell?
It is lovely sleeping weather, though. I burrow down in my comforter and stick my bare foot out to catch the fan’s breeze. It is a wonderful place to be right now, even considering I wanted to put on a jacket on top of my layers.
It’s like a big exhale right now, this whole lower globe shaking itself of its heat. So refreshing. I appreciate the cold these days. That heat was unreal. Not that it’s going to go away completely. This weekend was pretty warm at times.

Dennis will be here in seven days. The truth is, I don’t care what the weather’s doing so long as he gets here.




One response

20 03 2007

Sounds cozy. I’m getting sleepy just reading this! Good to hear you’ll see Dennis soon. So, this distance thing is difficult yes? I’m learning this every day. (I don’t know what the emoticon for ‘stressed’ is but it should be right here!)

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