Today is Thursday (tomorrow is Friday)

22 03 2007

I am impressed with this week’s ability to fly by. Hard to believe that the week is drawing to a close and that there are only a few more days in between now and when I will meet Dennis at the airport. Did I mention his flight gets in at 3:55 in the morning on Tuesday? Which means that I will leave my house at 2:30, and will have to wake up somewhere around 1:45 or 2 to get ready to go. I’m really busy from now until then so I’m sure the day will be here before I really know it.

Something funny that I was thinking about today that happened in Rio when I met my friends for Carnaval: In the hotel where we were staying, there was also a large group of Polish tourists. One night, as we stood waiting for a cab just outside of the hotel, one of the Polish guys approached Millette and struck up a conversation. In his thick accent, he asked in English her where she lived and where we were all from.
“You’re American?” he asked her when she replied. “So then I guess you don’t know where Poland is.”
We were all three dumbstruck for a second, because all of us are teachers (so clearly we have some idea about where things are in the world), and because we weren’t quite sure what the connection was between being American and not knowing where Poland is that this guy seemed so sure about.
Millette snorted, I think, and just as our taxi was arriving, responded with a heavy dose of sarcasm, “Yeah. I don’t know where Poland is. Somewhere in Africa?”
“It’s in Europe!” the guy said as we girls piled into taxi.

Today I taught the boy I am tutoring where Wyoming is. It’s not often you get to teach someone where Wyoming is, I guess, so today was remarkable if only for that one event.

And finally, as two groups of my students are practicing their performances of two small scenes of “Romeo and Juliet,” I realized today that when one of my girls, who plays the part of Juliet, says “Oh Lord” as part of her lines, she sounds very much like a 75 year-old Jewish woman from Brooklyn. All verklempt and everything. The other students who sit in the room while the girls practice crack up every time my student says that particular line and I’ve taken to doing an impersonation of how she pronounces the word, which another of my students says all the time, “Do it! Do it again!” and her face gets all red from laughing. My (75 year-old Jewish Brookynite) student, who has a wonderful personality, thinks it’s funny too and she’s puzzled by why she says that word that way, and further puzzled why in the same speech just a line or two later, she says the word “Nurse,” as in “Oh sweet Nurse, sweet sweet Nurse, tell me what says my love?” with a British accent
“Why do I have so many accents?” she asked today during our lunch time rehearsal and all of us doubled over with laughter.




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