Just hours away!

26 03 2007

It’s just now ten o’clock and I need to wake up in about three and a half hours to get the van to Guarulhos, the airport, to meet Dennis and pick him up. This is something I have been waiting for since I got here eight months ago and here it is. He’s finally going to be here. The day today, and in fact all the days of this month, have been a whirlwind of activity and busy-ness and so I am thankful for how quickly time passed. And once he gets here to my apartment I will say a little prayer, I know, to have time slow down once more.
The last time I saw him was in January. Where did all of this time go?! It’s been easier this time around, easier than when he was in New Zealand since this time we got to talk to each other almost everyday. When you’re in a long distance relationship any kind of communication helps. And so it hasn’t felt as traumatic, these past two and a half months. I am so thrilled. I’m trying to make myself go to sleep because I’m still teaching a full day tomorrow and know that I’ll need to have some sleep before I go to work. But this little giggling in my stomach isn’t making sleep come very easily. I have a little gift basket here waiting for him–with delicious Brazilian fruit, a magazine about beaches, a calendar, a CD, bathroom stuff, books, snacks….I’m so excited to welcome him here. So excited for him just to be here.
I have a friend Paul who’s in the Army and he was stationed in Iraq while his wife was living in Germany. For a whole year they didn’t see each other. A whole year! I don’t think I could be that strong. Their picture is framed and I put it on my coffee table next to one of me and Dennis and one of Jason and Geneva. It’s my coffee table of lovers. (Or Luv-ahhs as the SNL people would say.)
And so, I’m off to read and try to settle my excited stomach. I can’t wait, I can’t think straight, I can’t do anything meaningful.
Sorry So Pathetic but…amor.




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