(mostly for my mom and aunt)

26 03 2007

Today I talked with some sixth graders about their plans for the upcoming summer (winter) months…June and July. One of the girls told me she was going to Norway for a summer camp. Another girl told me she was going to Maine.

“Oh, why Maine?” I asked. I had gone to camp in Maine for three summers when I was her age.


“Which camp?”

“Camp Arcadia.”

I screamed so loud and wrapped my arms around her tiny body so I think I nearly strangled her out of excitement. Camp Arcadia! That’s my camp! That’s where I went! And my mom! And my aunt! I felt so proud and so excited, in the dorkiest way possible, to know there is a girl at my school who is going to experience Camp Arcadia!

Camp was always a pretty international place (see Care Packages) and I always felt so lucky to be able to meet people from around the world: Spain, Mexico, France, even New York City. (Anywhere outside of Vermont, at my age, I considered “around the world.”) I made so many friends and have many great memories from that time. It’s going to be so great next August to be able to share that experience with a little girl from Brazil. I don’t have many shared experiences with anyone here, so it will be really great to have Camp Arcadia in common with another person besides my family members.

So, that’s it. My news for the day. Not much else to report than that coincedence and the fact that in just a matter of hours Dennis will be here.




One response

26 03 2007
Tina (a.k.a.Mom)

I can’t believe it!! You’ll have to start teaching her the State of Maine song right away!! I wish I were there to tell her all of my stories (lucky for you I’m not, eh?) – Maybe on my way over to the Maine coast this summer I could stop in and meet her, if you think that would be ok. I could show her a lot of good “young Miss. C. pictures” – ha ha!! – I’m so glad Dennis will be there soon -give him my love, and welcome to Spring!!

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