28 03 2007

Dennis arrived yesterday morning at the São Paulo airport. I saw him walk out of the doors and stood there watching him find me. He did that with me when I arrived in New Zealand and it was neat to watch him as I blended in among the crowd. Not that at four in the morning there was any “crowd.” Maybe eleven other people stood standing for passengers, but I’ll bet you I was the most excited one.

It’s just so hard to believe he’s here, but at the same time, it feels so normal to have him here. It’s like we just picked up where we left off, except now he has to learn a new language and I have to help him communicate. It’s kind of a new challenge in front of us but I am so happy to take it. I came home yesterday from work and, as I’d been imagining over the past eight months, he was there with me in my apartment. He was there. His things were on the table, his shoes by the door, the smell of a recent shower in the air. I am so content here finally. I slept so solidly last night, which was such a nice change since over the past week or two, definitely since Saturday, my sleep has been disrupted and shallow.

He came to school with me today and he had lots of faces and names to remember. It was overwhelming for him, and as I did during my first few days in this country, he got tired half-way through the day. So now while I’m still here at school until five o’clock, he’s at home taking a nap.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy before in my life.




2 responses

29 03 2007
Tina (a.k.a.Mom)

No need to be sorry for that!! I’m so happy for both of you…

5 04 2007

It’s good to be happy. Be.

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