Throwing caution to the wind.

5 04 2007

In attempt to chill the hell out about Life, I am doing something different this vacation. Rather than plan things and worry about the plans about the things and then get angry about the fact that I am stressing about the plans, Dennis and I are hopping on a bus to Sao Paulo tomorrow at whatever time we want, to get on any single other bus to take us out and away to the beach. We have absolutely no idea where we are going, but know (or at least think we know) we are going North, and are willing to play everything by ear. The only thing that is troubling is the fact that this is Easter weekend when All of Brazil goes to the beach. We’ll figure something out, though. And it’s going to be fantastic.

I am putting these words down in writing, on however permanent the Internet can be, if only to remind myself in ten days that once upon a time I had a really positive view of our upcoming vacation. If I start out the adventure with a positive outlook and no expectations, then I can be nothing but surprised.

So this is also to say that I will be M.I.A from the World Wide Web for 9 or 10 days. Maybe I’ll pop up somewhere with a photo or two…we’ll see. Ta-ta everyone.




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14 04 2007

Good to hear you’re letting go. Fun isn’t it?!!
Some of my very best time just happen. My friend rich says roll with it , “Like a twig on the shoulders of the mighty river.” Then we laugh cuz we’re idiots.

“If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

14 04 2007

ps. Sandi asked how you were doing. I told her about your unfortunate incident down there. I told her you were ok and that your boyfriend was with you.
“The Greek Jesus?” Yes. The Greek Jesus.

15 04 2007

Yes…it’s all been excellent. I rather like the idea of going somewhere without plans. There are fewer things to get upset about that way. And for the record….the boyfriend? He’s the Russian Jesus. Or the Jewish Jesus. Or the Bartender Jesus. Actually, the woman at the Brazilian consulate in New York pulled all her friends together and pointed at him saying, “Look! It’s Jesus!” when he went to get his visa for his trip here. And then he shaved his beard.

16 04 2007

Oops. Why did I think he was Greek? He definitely looks it.
That’s a shame he shaved the beard. That was a good look. The full quote actually was ,”The Greek Jesus? He’s good lookin’!!” Yes dear. He is good lookin’.
Nice work Coggio.
Sandi’s trying to convince me to come see you. She’s says “If the ticket is really expensive you can always get a part time job. You can cance as the Albino Rhino!!” She’s a funny one, that Sandi Russell.

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