A brief intermission.

11 04 2007

Oh, hello there. And your name again? It’s been a while since I’ve seen your face….been a little busy being on vacation overe here in the tropics….had my time occupied by sipping caipirinhas, hiking quiet trails, and lying on various beaches lulled to sleep by the sound of crashing waves. Yes, I’ve quite forgotten who I even am, let alone who anyone else is.

I write today from Paraty. I’ve been here before, yes, but never with my boyfriend, and never after having travelled by bus and boat to Ilha Grande to stay there first for four nights. It has been a lovely lovely trip and still is and so now I am questioning why exactly I’m stuck in a little air-conditioned room with seven other computers, clicking away when I could be out on the street wandering around the town with Dennis and planning what we’ll do tomorrow.

I promise you pictures when I return in a couple of days. Four days. There will be pictures.  Right now, though–and I do hope you understand–I’m off to wander and explore and generally forget that I have any responsibilities other than my student loan payments once a month.

Did I mention my birthday is in, like, 11 days? I think it’s in 11 days if today is the day I think it is, which, because it’s vacation, it very well may not be at all, furthermore making me thrilled that I am on vacation and, as I said above, have convinced myself that I am not responsible for a single thing.

I love this life.




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