Vacations, too, shall pass.

13 04 2007

I suppose it’s alright for there to be one day of inclement weather in paradise. Not that today’s weather is anywhere near inclement…really hot under the blue sky. But it’s less than desirable with this humidity and there are thunder clouds looming on the horizon, and I think our wallets are just as tired from being opened and closed as our feet are from walking around these cobbled streets. So today, one day early, we’re leaving this coastal paradise and heading back to our hole in Campinas…more out of a desire to save money than anything else.

I am writing from the Rodoviaria–the bus station. Apparently school has just been let out for the day because this little Internet hovel is filled with fourteen year old girls who have clustered around the computer next to Dennis.  He is busy finding information on bananas and hearts of palm since our conversations this week have largely revolved around food and how these particular foods grow. Did you know, for instance, that bananas grow upside-down? Have you ever eaten fresh mandioca? or tender hearts of palm with just vinegar?   

Yesterday we went to Trindade, which is a great quiet hippie beach about 40 minutes from Paraty. The bus there cost R$2,60–which is the equivalent of US$1.30. I love cheap travel. We parked ourselves on the hot yellow sand and sat and ate mandioca and drank beer and juice from the morning ’til the afternoon. And then we crawled back on the bus for another R$2,60 to our hotel where we drank passionfruit caipirinhas poolside. We, rather, Dennis, topped the evening off with a Cuban cigar and a walk around the empty stone streets. Foi maravilhosa.




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