Home sweet home.

12 05 2007

We were supposed to travel again, this time to the mountains, to a town called Campos do Jordao. We thought we’d wing it again, not making any real plans until we arrived at the rodoviaria to get on a bus. But, when I walked in my house at four o’clock yesterday afternoon, greeted by Dennis’ eagerness to get out of town, I mentally shut down. As much as I wanted to go away this weekend, to head into the cold hills, I wanted to stay home even more.
We packed our bags and got our weekend things together, hopped in a cab and landed at the rodoviaria, only to find out that the last bus to Campos was completely full. Rather than figure out a different place to go with a similar climate, I confessed I couldn’t do it. So we hopped back in a cab, went home, and I took a nap in the bedroom while Dennis cracked open a new book.
Turns out this change of plans was exactly what we both needed. When I woke up as a surprisingly better human, I decided to take him to a little romantic bar called Cafezal em Flor, five or six blocks down from my house. It is this old house that’s been transformed into a bunch of tables for two. The walls are exposed brick with the plaster chipped off, or bits of it remaining. The doorways are kept wide open and the glass has been removed from all the windows, so the music flows freely through the structure. The windowframes had once been painted blue, or green, I couldn’t tell in the low light, and most of the paint had been worn away. Last night, they had live music, candles on all the tables, good food (we had escondidinho de carne seca) and good beer. We spent the evening talking about film and stories and friends. And then, to top off the evening, we rented a movie and–this may sound lame–moved the television into the bedroom and fell asleep watching the movie. It felt exactly like home used to feel and I’m not sure why we waited to long to move it.
There are strong arguments for not having a TV in the bedroom. But there are equally strong arguments supporting it. For example: my living room couch sucks, even though it far surpasses the pair of pink couches I originally had. If I want to sit for a while watching a film, my skin itself becomes like the sofa’s thick corduroy fabric. Reason Two: the lightswitch in my bedroom is sixteen miles from my bed. This means, that when I’ve finished reading at night because I’m exhausted and falling asleep, I have to wake myself up again to walk down the hallway to turn the light off. Therefore, having the television with remote in my room means that all I need to do is hit the button on the remote and fall asleep. Reason Three: It feels comfortable and reminds me of home having the TV in the bedroom. Reason Four: enough said.

(Let me further say that I don’t have actual TV stations, so it’s not like I’m glued to the television at all hours. The TV is basically a box through which I watch rented movies, since I can’t imagine paying for Brazilian television.) Anyway, the point is, by being mentally unprepared to travel this weekend, I have so far had a relaxing and perfect time at home. And the weekend’s not even half over. I can’t wait for what will happen next.




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15 05 2007

Dear Writier I was wondering if I could add you to my blogroll would that be alright,

Blessings to you.

15 05 2007

Of course.

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