A reunion of sorts.

17 05 2007

As I am now in the midst of contacting people for our ten-year high school reunion this summer, I’ve been hearing from people I haven’t seen or heard anything about or from in years. Ten years, actually. Yesterday, one of those people sent me a link to his photos and I devoured them, amazed and in shock when I saw a familiar face. I don’t know exactly why I am so floored by the changes people have gone through, or even if I consider them changes at all. In the pictures I saw, I had to stare hard to see if I could see their 18-year-old faces hidden in the angles and smiles of their 28-year-old faces. Some people look exactly the same and others look just different enough so that I would exclaim aloud, “That’s so-and-so?” It’s been so much fun. I imagined these people living their lives over the course of these ten years, and now, there they are in front of me looking older and familiarly different. If that makes sense.

Anyway, one of the people I’ve been in contact with recently, thanks to the magic of the Internet and our good friend Google, is my 45-minute boyfriend from this post who regretfully says he won’t be able to make it to our reunion this summer because of the long drive from CONNECTICUT (where he lives) to VERMONT (where the reunion is). I told him I completely understood his problem in that respect, considering I have to go through a similar commute for the same event, costing A THOUSAND DOLLARS and coming from ANOTHER CONTINENT. I told him I’m very familiar with the four and a half hour drive up the completely barren ROUTE 91, having lived in New Haven and made the drive a number of times myself, and that if I had my choice over that and the TAXI, TWO HOUR BUS RIDE, TEN HOUR FLIGHT, 30 MINUTES IN CUSTOMS, AND SEVEN HOUR DRIVE FROM NEW YORK, I would much rather choose the latter. I wished him no hard feelings and promised not to guilt trip him or make his complaint seem petty.

So besides that, nothing else is new these days.




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