If ever there was a Monday, it would be today.

21 05 2007

I can judge how well my day has gone by the way my desk at school looks. I think this might be true for most teachers, since our desks are the physical representation of our mental organization. Today, for example, pencils and markers are scattered all over my desk. I didn’t even use any of them. They just kind of jumped up on their own accord, little kamikaze markers, onto my desk’s surface, and I am left to consider the mess as what my brain must look like. This is your brain, I said to myself this morning when my desk was relatively clean. This is my brain on a bad day, when I saw my desk at noon. This is my brain in need of a day at the spa.

What’s on my desk now are the following things that I have collected over the course of this day alone:

four vocabulary books

eraser shavings

a set of dominoes

a magnetic pen

a crown

sticky notes

a bag of dirt on a string

a spoon

How the hell did I get a bag of dirt on a string on my desk? I am not entirely confused about it, neither am I surprised. Today, it is par for the course. I woke up late, had a stuffy head, got moved out of my classroom first thing, found out that the Cutty Sark was nearly burnt to a crisp in London just this morning, and had to give notes on MLA format. It is entirely fitting that I have dirt on a string on my desk because I, myself, feel like dirt on a string. With earrings.

So, this is my day. It is also Day 22 in the grand countdown of School Days Left in the Year. Part of my scattered-ness is probably due to the fact that there are so few days left of school and I am that much closer to going home, to being on vacation, and to being in my house for the first time in nearly a year. I am feeling the urge to get going but know that there’s still a good bit of time left. In exactly one month from today, I will be in the United States, with my family and friends, and I swear to you, I cannot wait. I have never been as ready to go home as I am right now. The fact remains, however, that I cannot simply press fast-forward through these days left in Brazil, and as a result, I will need to contend with the on-going scatteredness of mind and desk.


Oh yes. One more thing. Today? Completely deoderant-less. And not by choice. What is it with me? One day I’m completely with it, albeit bewildered by modern dance, and the next I’m the smelly girl who collects dirt.




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