Sights and sounds of a protest.

22 05 2007

Campinas, Brazil

Recently, rather, since January and the hike in bus fares, there have been weekly protests at city hall, which is just around the corner from my apartment. In the mornings, while waiting for the bus in front of the building, I can see the protetors preparing their space and the city officials come and break it up. In this clip I filmed earlier today, you can see, maybe, how successful the protestors were today–closing off one side of the street and forcing the buses to line up on the other side. These protests have been happening more frequently, going well into the evening, or as long as people stay.

It doesn’t seem very expensive to ride the bus, and to people who don’t know, it may seem like a petty complaint. It costs R$2,25 to ride the bus, for a single fare. Luckily for me, I only need to take one bus to school. Therefore, if I take two buses a day, it costs me only R$4,50, or something like US$2.00. Not bad. However, when you take into consideration just how large Campinas is, and when you figure that to get from one side of the city to the other you have to take more than one bus, and further compounding the situation is the fact that while taxis may be plentiful, they are not the mode of transportation for the general population and that the general population cannot afford rising bus fares, it seems entirely appropriate that they are so angry.




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