It’s because I’m waiting for Dennis to come home and it’s Wednesday and I have nothing meaningful to share.

23 05 2007

I can’t promise that this “I don’t have anything good to write so I’m going to fill my post with crap” thing isn’t going to be a weekly habit. I guess Wednesdays are creative slump days. So to keep you occupied and to give you at least something to have your eyes wash over, you can read the four lists I made below about Things having to do with Brazil.

10 Things I Wish I’d Brought with Me to Brazil:
More peanut butter.
More Starbucks coffee.
More books.
A winter jacket.
Scented candles.
A daypack.
tortillas and sourcream.
Standing lamps.
Good shampoo.

10 Things I Wish I’d Hadn’t Brought with Me to Brazil:
high heels.
my Ikea down pillow.
13 pounds of shirts and pants I don’t wear anyway.
that stupid brown and pink pillow from Target.
my bathrobe.
my super fancy dress.
or the ugly green and pink dress with silver thread.
teaching books.
the book about interior design.
anything woolen or cashmere because now it has been mistakenly washed and shrunken.

10 Things I Could Not Live Without in Brazil that I Brought With Me:
alarm clock.
new sheets.
US coffee.
Girl stuff. (ahem.)
Victoria’s Secret lotions/sprays.
“The Family Guy” DVDs.

10 Things I Could Not Live Without in Brazil that I Got in Brazil After Learning I Could Not Live Without Them:
ironing board.
sun dresses.
molho de pimenta.
roach spray.
single cup of coffee maker.
a Flickr subscription.

Trust me. This post wasn’t very fun for me, either.




One response

25 05 2007

Ms.C, why don’t you BUY peanut butter?! I mean, I don’t think they have Jif or anythin, but still…In Shopping Galeria, they have this store that sells imported food an stuff, and they have peanut butter there.

Buy it.


Because not eating peanut butter at least every day is illegal.
(or ilegal. whatever)

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