A rude awakening.

28 05 2007

I knew there was going to be trouble when I woke up this morning. There is always trouble after a night spent crying. And I was right: trouble was all over my face in the form of puffy red eyes and swollen cheeks. It’s never a good thing to cry at night because it take a full eighteen hours to recuperate after waking up in the morning. So hopefully by tomorrow at this time, my face will have returned to its normal shape and it will no longer look like I’ve got whole figs tucked into the bags beneath my eyes.

But that was just the beginning. After my shower, while drying my hair, I noticed one brave little hair standing straight up amongst all the others. This was no normal hair; no, it was a grey little trooper. Why is it that the grey ones stick up straight, all caffeinated and such? Try as I might to pluck the bastard from its home in the direct center of my skull, it wouldn’t budge. It was like, “Oh, no, lady. I seen what you did to those other grey hairs, and let me tell you, I’m here to stay.” (Like its simple presence on my head wasn’t enough to grate on my nerves….it went and used improper English.  Asshole. )

So, there’s my day. Hope yours is a little better.




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