Nothing like a rainy Saturday with yerba mate.

2 06 2007

I anticipated this weekend to be boring now that Dennis isn’t here. (And someday, I promise, I will stop writing exclusively about what it’s like to be without him, or what it’s like to wait for him, or what it’s like for him to be here. Someday. I promise.) Last night, I went out for sushi with Mandy and had Ye Old Girls’ Night the way it was before Dennis got here. We had a good time, ate 8 uramaki, had soup and two caipirinhas, and by the time all that was done, I was so tired I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but going home to sleep.

I woke up this morning to rain. It’s been raining all morning and it doesn’t look like it’ll let up. It’s not hard rain; it’s the drizzle that sounds peaceful, the kind where it’s really okay to the leave the house because you’re not going to get soaking wet, but also the kind where it’s equally okay to stay inside and listen to music and walk around in PJs. Which is exactly what I’m doing right now. And I couldn’t feel better.

The weekend before Dennis left, we went to the huge market down in Centro. It’s different from the hippie fair because this mercadao is basically for food only. It was a great walk down there and we saw places in Campinas we hadn’t seen before, which is always awesome. While there, we picked up mate (“mah-tay” the tea, not “mate” as in another person to make babies with. My computer doesn’t have the accent marks to write that word correctly.) We got the cup, the straw thing, and two bags of the tea for him to take back with him to the States for himself and for friends. Last weekend, we spent the time relaxing, walking around, and drinking mate, and dare I say it was one of the most fabulous weekends I’ve had yet. One day when I was at school this week, he went back to the mercadao and got me my own supply of mate and my own cup. So this morning, I’ve been padding around in my socks and bathrobe constantly refilling my cup with hot water and sucking all the health out of the tea.

Mate is going to be the new drink of drinks in the States. There’s so many healthy properties about mate. It’s good for your skin, for your insides, for your diet, and, according to this website, good for your social well being. It’s also SUPER cheap. Two reais for a bag that’ll last as long as you want it to. Starbucks has nothing on mate.

Yerba mate has a weird taste, not at all like the Liptons or the Earl Grey’s we’ve grown accustomed to in the States. It’s an entirely natural flavor. Literally, go ahead, mow your field (a lawn wouldn’t have the variety of herbs that exist in yerba mate–you need to mow a whole field), and put the clippings in a mug with hot water. Let steep, and suck it up with a straw. Keep doing that all day and there you have yerba mate. It’s really much better than the way I’ve made it sound, and it contains special herbs and whatnot, but it’s definitely an acquired taste. I wouldn’t recommend it for something to quench your thirst or to drink when you don’t have time. It’s an all-day affair and you’ll likely need an entire day just to get used to the flavor.

So, that’s how I’m spending today. Inside, in socked-up feet, with my tea and Sex and the City. At five tonight, I’m going to the high school graduation, and then probably out for dinner or drinks with my friends. Should be a good time.




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3 06 2007

I’d be afraid that if I mowed a field I might accidently dice up some woodland creature and end up with rabbit or groundhog mate. I’m from the country. I’ve mowed fields. These are the things I worry about.

4 06 2007

Oh, yes. Well, of course you’d have to strain the grass clippings first. Separate the worm guts from the grass. I forgot to mention the straining.

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