Mac Grl 4 Life!

4 06 2007

It was all very Sex and the City, you know, how it all happened with my broken computer Imogen. In Season 4, Carrie’s Mac broke down (she got “sad Mac’d”, remember?) and she lost everything and Aiden, sweet man that he was, went out and bought her a new computer, also a Mac, except it was the cute kind that you could carry like a purse and it came in several colors. But Carrie was all, “I don’t want a new computer. I want my computer.” And so she took back the wonderful gift from Aiden, and got her old computer back, minus all the data.

Not so, in my case. I was quick to say the necessary farewell to my little Imogen, and run out right away into the World Wide Web looking for a replacement. My Mac is four years old. She has worked super hard for me and I’ve done so many bad things to her: erasing her hard drive, dropping her on the floor, leaving her sleeping without even checking on her for days. This time, with a new computer, I’ll do better. Darlin’, it won’t never happen again.

But as we all know, Macs are not cheap purchases. They are investments, and in that respect, this morning  I wasn’t sure I was ready to make one. So, reluctantly and with a pit growing harder and more vile in my stomach, I ventured into the world of PCs.

And then I ventured right back out. I am not a PC girl. I am a Mac girl, through and through. And even though my little Mac couldn’t make it, I’m in love with her whole family. Imogen and I had a four year relationship that was stable and reliable for the most part the whole time. I’m not ready to move on to a whole other family. I want her brother and her children and her cousins and I swear I’ll be happy with any and each member of her surviving family members. It’s a vaguley incestuous choice, actually. I’ll create and keep creating with this one particular strand of  computers, never once committing to any other family. By the end, maybe I’ll be so used to Macs I won’t even know how to talk to PCs. Like in all of my dealings and creating with the Mac strand, I’ll have lost the gene for communication and “procreation” with the other race of computers.

But so it is. I am a woman, and thus, I have the right to choose. And I choose Macs. 4 Life.




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