A post for the weekend.

8 06 2007

I will be without the ability to touch base this weekend, thanks to the recent bad behavior of my computer. So I feel I need to kind of get all my writing out now, here at school. I’ve got forty minutes and not much more to talk about than last night’s dinner, so I’ll see what I can do for ya.

It’s true. Dinner last night was divine. And I mean that semi-sarcastically. I was back to the popcorn, that goes without saying, but I jazzed it up a little bit with an appetizer of cheese and crackers. What did I wash it all down with, you ask? Two bottles of champagne. First, no, I am not a drunk. Second, yes, I was dining alone. Third, no, they were not the huge bottles you are imagining, and fourth, I had a marvelous evening, thanks so much.

For my birthday a month or so ago, Dennis and I went out and bought tons of drinks for the party we threw. Among those drinks were three baby bottles of champagne, one of which I drank that night, leaving the other two behind to sit in the back of my fridge. I’ve been meaning to keep them around to make mimosas with, but I always forget to buy orange juice, and last night got tired of them sitting there. So I had a fabulous night with the Sex and the City girls, a huge bowl of popcorn, and a seemingly endless glass of champange. I also had no school yesterday thanks to the Corpus Christi holiday, so it was all-in-all a perfect day.

Today also is a pretty great day. The sky is so bright blue, totally without clouds, and it’s not cold. My classroom is cold, and probably so is my apartment, but out in the sun it’s perfect. It’s also Friday, which means that I probably couldn’t be in a better mood or feel more optimistic than I do right now. I do feel worn down from the school year, that’s true, but in general, things are g.o.o.d.

So, I was thinking. Since I have two more weekends left here before I come home, and thus only two more opportunities for Hippie Fairs, should we go ahead and have another Something From Brazil contest? I’ve had some pretty good search terms come up recently and would like to throw them out for people who can track back from the search term to the post I’ve written in which the search term appears. Here goes:

“barefoot guy of the year”

“elephant meat, flavor”

“things to use while having broken feet”

“my husband laughs at me” kiss him good

“arabian farewell + high pitch whistle”

As always, post the source in the comments section, and if you’re right, (which you know you will be) you’ll get Something From Brazil. It’s now or never. Or, actually, it’s now or, like, in eight weeks or something.

And then this brings me to my last thought, which is a thought I’ve been holding onto for a while and meaning to write about, but haven’t been able to because I thought it was ridiculous, but, like I said, now that I don’t have a computer I feel the need to just get it all out no matter how ridiculous.

It was about three weeks ago, just before Dennis left, that for the first time in my life, I wished I had a kerchief. We were sleeping with the fan on, and I was awoken by a couple of stray hairs tickling my forehead. And out of nowhere I wished that I were wearing one of those hats that women wore way back then. I used to find no purpose in those things, you know, “Ma in her kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled down for a cold winter’s nap.” But then three weeks ago, I had an actual need for one. And I woke up in the middle of the night wishing for a kerchief. It would have been a funny sight. I think the last time I saw one was on an episode of “Golden Girls.”

And so, with those golden thoughts, I leave you for the weekend to ponder the flavor of elephants, the sound of motorcycles, and the purpose of nighttime head gear. I’m getting pretty desperate for material here. Can’t wait to come home.




7 responses

8 06 2007
Tina (aka Mom)

aaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhh!!! The mere THOUGHT of you in one of those kerchiefs gives me the creeps…. they remind me of the early 60’s when (before we made a collective about face and started burning bras) we used to put our hair up every night in gigantic, spikey rollers and wear some sort of stretchy cap over it all – putting the neck at about a ninety degree angle to the shoulder – made for a lot of fun trying to sleep… I’ll look for some for you – ha ha !!

10 06 2007

Ms.C, I’m having some trouble with our english group project. One of the group members have said that she cant come and do the project at the tmie that the three of us had said that was ok for us. Now, she is ocming here, 10:30 in the morning to do the project. BUT, there is another problem. The other group member cannot come at the time that we had arranged, and she is of great need, so I feel like it is the 10:30 girl who is resposible for this problem because she had said that she could come at the marked time, and now she is coming 5 hours earlier than planned. I’m so confused and I dont know what to do. I just dont feel like the 10:30 girl dedicated to this project, because she is missing it to go to some party, while me and the other member are working lot to do the project. And it is not the first time that she has failed to dedicate herself to a project.

Ms.C, I know you wont get this this weekend, but, I feel like all the work is on my and the other members shoulders. And I would like to talk to you about it on Monday.

Gio A.

11 06 2007
robes pierre

First off, two bottles (even baby bottles) of champaigne is too much. You’re not that big!
Second, no kerchiefs for you. You’re not that old!!
Third, no more drinks for me. I’m in San Fran for business and, go figure, I’m hammered 😎

11 06 2007
robes pierre

my friend Gerard says that if I ever do come to see you, I’ll definitely get kidnapped.

11 06 2007

You’re right; I didn’t get this over the weekend and I’m sorry not to have been able to help you out earlier. The second thing is that it’s really hard to have group projects and it’s really hard to have all group members have equal dedication to their projects. I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I will speak to your group today. Thanks for the heads up.

12 06 2007
robes pierre

sorry for talking about boozin’ in front of the kid. Is it too late for ‘ear-muffs’?

12 06 2007

Ha! ear muffs.

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