Pig and the City.

19 06 2007

I know it’s bad luck to have a black cat cross your path, but how about a grey pig walking next to you? Any ideas about how random barnyard animals effect one’s luck? I’m used to seeing horse- and donkey-drawn carts here, but today I stopped in my tracks after several double-takes when I realized the grunting sound I heard next to me wasn’t city background noise or a pervert, it was, in fact, a giant pig on a rope. Just walkin’ around, crossing the street to get to the park on the other side. There it sniffed the ground in search of something precious–a piece of food maybe, or a lost contact lens. “I know it’s around here somewhere.” I stood on the sidewalk there and watched this city pig for a minute or two until I had to shrug it off and keep moving. But try as I might, now a half hour later, I can’t get the pig out of my mind. You can’t just shrug off a pig in the city. To top it off, as I watched, I noticed a black dog waiting for the pig in the park across the street. The dog was like, “Dude, come on. Move a little faster, would you? I’ve got a schedule to keep.”  I wondered if the pig and the dog were going to fight, but the dog was so normal around the pig that I figured they were friends. Or at least business acquaintances.

Anyhow, that’s how my day started. I’ll let you know how it turns out.




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19 06 2007

When I go to school I always see the same family of pigs crossing the street in front of the car. One big fat gray pig, one pink smaller pig and all the little babies following there parents. I don’t know why there always there it’s very strange.

19 06 2007

Well, was it around the school area or shopping Iguatemi that you saw that pig? If it was i’ve seen pigs in the city on my way to school, it just wasn’t grey and big. What i saw was a pink tiny pig walking across the sidewalk on the other street side while i was at a stoplight. This thing is probably normal here… close to Iguatemi there’s this farm and the pigs probably come form there!

19 06 2007

Where are all these pigs coming from?! I haven’t seen pigs in a YEAR so the fact that they were pigs caught me off guard, let alone the fact that they were right around the corner from school. There I was, walking with my morning coffee from Abelha Gulhosa and suddenly there’s a pig. I’d never seen one there before. It was like coming up over the soccer field and walked up right next to me.

19 06 2007

Hahaha. Imagining you walking on the street and seeing pigs would be so funny because of your face! I think they come from a field neer by and just have their morning walk…

19 06 2007

I saw that same pig today!!!!. I think it is the same one, the black big pig near EAC that I saw was Black pig with his paw hurt he was trying to walk and it was bleeding. One week ago I saw 7 pigs near EAC it was the whole family with all the babyes we saw pig so huge that my sister took pictures with her cellphone I think it would make a 1000000000 sausages it was SO huge. When I saw the black pig today I felt so OINC.

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