The breakdown.

20 06 2007

4.5 hours until I leave school by taxi.

5.5 hours until I leave Campinas by bus.

10.5 hours until I leave Brazil by Delta Flight 120.

20.5 hours until I leave Delta Flight 120 by foot.

21 hours until I leave US Customs at JFK.

21 hours until I’m back home.




3 responses

21 06 2007
Franco Talita

Ms.C you will probulbly already be in the U.S when you see this comment, but we all are missing you sooo much!!!


22 06 2007

Welcome back to your favorite place, Cog! We missed you soooo much and we are so excited that you are back! Love you!
Brittany NHA Class of “07”

22 06 2007
gio .d

well ms. c im hear to say goodbye cuz i leaving to venezuela soon and wont see u again before i go…
i wanted to say bye on wed.but when i past by your class before i left you werent there any more…
so goodbye
ill miss you alot!!!!!!!!
i hope to see u again
luv u!!!!

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