I Heart Home.

23 06 2007

Ah, home sweet home. What an amazing couple of days it’s been, complicated only by my need to find Starbucks and by my desire to visit all the people I love. I’ve been one busy girl, flying around the New Haven area, visiting old schools, graduating students, co-workers from Roomba (which has now officially closed its doors forever, sniff sniff.) If you can believe it, the day I got into the US I started working at the new restaurant that the Roomba owners opened up. I just work the door, and lead people around, so it’s no big deal. It’s actually a lot of fun, and I only work when Dennis works, so it’s pretty ideal.

I have also managed to participate in some good, old fashioned, North American consumerism. Yes, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, Anne Taylor, and the jewelers along Chapel Street have recently been the beneficiaries of my income, and as much as I’m embarrassed to say that most of my time here has been spent feverishly entering and exiting stores, it’s the truth, and I’m not about to lie about all the great summer sales.

The biggest thrill for me, besides the mounting credit card debt, has been to see my students from New Haven. I’ve been able to spend some relatively quality time with some of them, despite their end-of-the-year excitedness and energy. They graduate on Tuesday, and my mom will be coming down to see them receive their diplomas. Soon after I arrived at Dennis’ house on Thursday after getting off the plane, I left his house to visit my old school and to see if there were any kids around. There were, of course, and it was so good to hug them and to see them coming running down the hall. The next day, I stopped by their field day and saw even more of them, some of whom were literally sprinting across the parking lot to hug me. It has been a wonderful couple of days and I am so, so happy to be home.

There is still a good number of people I have left to see, some of whom are about to give birth, before I go up to Vermont. I still haven’t seen my mom, so this next week will be another big reunion week. All in all, things are WONDERFUL here. I couldn’t be happier, more thankful, more excited, or more comfortable than I am right now, sitting in my bathing suit and a towel at Dennis’ parents’ dining room table, typing away, with a whole day ahead of me. A beautiful blue sky, a cool breeze, and five more weeks of this to go.

I love home.




6 responses

23 06 2007

I’m so happy for you Ms.C! I still have to wait three days till i get to see my family!

26 06 2007

It was fantastic to officially meet! I thought you would be in VT first so I was pleasantly surprised to talk to you on Fri. I hope you have a wonderful stay in in the US…we have to get a drink sometime. Though NOT a Caiprihina for me (ouch).

26 06 2007

Glad to hear you’re having fun and sorry I couldn’t be there to say hi and add one more hug to your collection. What’s this about Roomba closing?!! That’s crazy talk!!
Sandi says Hi 😎

27 06 2007

Hey Baby C! It seems like you’re very busy! Here in Orlando I’m also having fun, although in different ways! I really miss you, Sofy and Cary, and the vacation barely started. The weird thing is that it seems every single woman here in Orlando wears the same lotion as you! Since I went to Universal, and there was a huge crowd, most people smelled of your lotion, weird… don’t worry, I didn’t go around smelling people, it was the smell that followed me! Well, I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself over there!!!

28 06 2007

Marissa–HOW BIZARRE WAS THAT?!?!?! I, too, am SO glad to have finally met you for real! I got the note you left–I’m so glad you had a great time, and I hope the rest of your night went well!

28 06 2007

Rob, can you believe Roomba closed?! I’m glad we got to have a few drinks together there. Ah, but when you come back to visit (are you??) we’ll get together at Bespoke and it’ll be grand. They have a roof-top bar there and it’s fabulous.

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