Fun with photos.

29 06 2007

And so, my time is spent either peeing in Montpelier, going out to dinner with my parents, or playing with new software on my computer. Here’s a few examples of how I’ve spent my evening in Vermont. Let me reiterate how good it is to be home, and how thankful I am for my free time. You, on the other hand, may not be as thankful as I am once you see these pictures, courtesy of Mac’s Photo Booth.

Photo Booth little face picture Photo Booth wide face Photo booth mirror Photo booth scary face

I think it would be funny to add captions to these.
And now for some nicer, less freaky pictures.


And finally, my favorite:
four top

Fun in Vermont, Gina style. Don’t judge.




5 responses

30 06 2007

Hey Baby C! I loved the pictures! As soon as my laptop is fixed, I’m SO putting one as my wallpaper (You made me give up on my Christina Aguilera wallpaper… way to go!) Oh, and here in Orlando, I went to the “Twister” ride thingy in Universal Studios, it wasn’t THAT awesome, but it was interesting to look at, the tornado was cool, and they showed the same area/set/environment thingy as the movie, which I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t watched the movie in Geog. class! Weehoo (Don’t know what the weehoo was for, but I felt like saying that, did I just sound like Cary?)

30 06 2007

Hilarious photos, huh?! It’s great that you got to see the “Twister” set! What was the ride like? Yay for Geography class!!!! Wee hoo!!!

30 06 2007

The ride wasn’t really a ride, it was more like a show. You stand in this scenery from the movie, it’s the scenery of that time when Ben’s girlfriend dumps him, before that tornado that they go to that house-thingy. So, we’re standing there, then we see a tornado from far away, we look right in front of us and there it is, the sign of the gas stations flies away and we see a cow too! Wee hoo for the cows! and then glass (Which is actually water) flies at us from the window, and at the end, the roof flies away and the floor starts to move, the ride is over! I was so scared I thought it would be like a tornado in a room, we would be flting around with cows and I would hit a car and die and nobody would notice and I’d never have a funeral, because everyone forgot about me… But it was a normal thing…

I SO miss your enthusiasm, I totally sensed it through your comment… I miss my friends, I’m so lonely…

1 07 2007

How much longer until you go back to the States?

1 07 2007

I’ll only return in December or next June… I think that I come here to the United States every vacation…

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