How hot yoga kicked my ass.

3 07 2007

Thought I’d give it another go, after a year away in Brazil. Thought it wouldn’t be so hard since I’d done it before and had just had a massage yesterday and was feeling mentally and physically ready to do some stretching and deep breathing on a mat in a 115 degree room.
Well, strike the “physically ready” part and replace with “slide and sweat and get nauseous in a pool of my own sweat” and it’d be more accurate. After an hour 30 minutes 20 minutes of Downward Facing Dogs and Sun Salutations and after the moment when a dribble of my own my sweat actually ran up into my nose while I moved from Plank to Upward Facing Dog and back again into Downward Facing Dog, I knew I’d made a foolish decision to just hop back into the hot yoga routine. By the end of the class, I felt so nauseous and jittery after having lost so much of my own fluid, I had to sit outside on the porch of the yoga studio and gather myself together while sipping the last of my bottled water that had warmed up considerably during the course of the class. I’m not sure what’s worse: feeling dehydrated and disgusting, or feeling dehydrated and disgusting while drinking leftover warm water in the hope of feeling better. To make matters worse, when I stood up, there was a gigantic heart-shaped sweaty imprint of my butt left on the concrete. Insult to injury, I tell you.

The only comfort I can take in the whole situation was the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything all day, and in fact, didn’t eat anything until 3pm. So I was definitely dehydrated and hadn’t taken the proper care of my body before flinging myself into this crazy hot bendy breathey class armed with only a pint of water, a brown towel, and an over-inflated sense of my yogic ability.

So, yoga kicked my ass and even though in the moment I imagined my own early death, there is something valuable and meaningful and lovely about it. So I’m going back on Thursday to give it yet another go, this time fully hydrated and much more humble. I bought a 5-card class package, so hopefully by the time I return to Brazil I’ll be much more at peace with myself and perhaps even able to do the Eagle pose without choking on post nasal drip.




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