Movie-making in the Elm City.

3 07 2007

So Steven Spielberg is filming the new Indiana Jones movie here in New Haven. Yesterday, I went downtown to take a look and kill some time while Dennis was at work for twelve hours. I took a lot of pictures but I left my camera-computer connector in Brazil, so I am unable to post them here. I think Dennis has another one lying around somewhere so I’ll try to find it and finally update Flickr.

So. They’ve totally transformed Chapel Street to look like it is in the 1950s. It’s beautiful! All the store fronts are redesigned, and there are loads of antique cars parked here and there. The funniest part, actually, is seeing people dressed up in 1950s garb walk around the street on cell phones between takes. They’ve got saddle shoes on and their hair done up in pony tails, the boys are carrying stacks of books; it’s really cool. Yesterday I watched them film a street scene where cars were driving up and down College Street across from the Green. The film truck, the one where Spielberg sat was pulling Indiana Jones’ car, and during the take, I could hear Spielberg yelling at Harrison Ford, “Angrier! Look mean!” It made me think of the photographers telling their models, “Give me sexy.”

This movie is a huge production and I guess for weeks now it’s been a pretty invasive procedure for New Haven to undergo. Streets are blocked off for hours at a time, stores can’t be accessed while they’re shooting. Yesterday, to walk from Chapel Street over to Broadway, I had to walk down into the center of the park almost to Temple, and then up Elm, pausing at corners to see if I could cross, asking anyone who looked like any kind of professional what the protocol was for walking anywhere. But I’m thrilled that they’re filming here and I hope it’ll bring a lot of positive attention to New Haven. Congrats to the State for offering the tax break for filmmakers.

Today is more of the same as yesterday. Driving around, sitting in quiet, waiting until Dennis is around. Tonight we’re going to a friend’s house for a July 4th party and tomorrow is a full day off for him so we’re bound to spend is sleeping and then going outside.

Also, our friends Jason and Geneva had a baby boy on Sunday. His name is Donovan and he is coming home today. So maybe we’ll go visit them sometime soon.




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