What it’s like to sit in Starbucks for seven hours.

5 07 2007

First off, yes, in fact, I do have a life.
Second, I am here because I haven’t been able to do this for an entire year and now that I have a beautiful!! new!! Mac, I can take it anywhere and do anything I damn well please. And so, since Dennis works a trazillion hours a day and I am left to either sit at home or go spend money on unnecessary things, I thought I’d take seven dollars and spend a trazillion hours sitting in Starbucks.

What have I been doing, you ask? Well, dear friend, I’ve been writing. And no, it hasn’t taken me seven hours to write this post, and if it did I’d say I had the most severe case of writer’s block in the history of blocked writers. No, I’ve been working on a big/small project and have been sitting in the corner drinking exactly two white chocolate mochas. Not at the same time, mind you. But over the course of seven hours, I’ve had two. (The first of which must have been made by a whipped cream Uber Supporter since there was literally an inch of solid, thick whipped cream stuck to the top when I took it off. It looked like a huge, fat marshmallow. So gross I threw it out. And I am not one to throw out a thousand calories just like that.)

Anyhow, I’ve been here so long in fact the sun is actually threatening to go down. Not that it matters; it’s been hidden all day anyway behind dark grey clouds. I, on the other hand, have been hiding behind my compter screen, so it turns out celestial bodies and I do have a lot in common.

What else, what else, what else. Oh yes, Fourth of July. How’d it go for you? Mine was entirely uneventful, thanks. It began by waking up late and included events such as a non-trip to Manhattan, choosing not to take a shower, two slices of pizza, and two and a half movies. The weather, I will say, was conducive to doing exactly what I did, which was exactly nothing, so all in all it was a good day. A little restless by the time 9:30 rolled around, but by then we were into our second and a half movie, “Little Children,” (seen it?) and shortly thereafter fell asleep.

Oh, good news today: Dennis got a promotion for the film he’s working on. He’s now the assistant to the executive producer. That’s some meaningful the right there. Tonight we’re having a celebration dinner. In fact, he just called me so I think it’s about time to go home, if not because I haven’t seen him all day, then because I’ve been sitting in Starbucks for seven hours.




One response

7 07 2007

Hey Baby C! Congratulations for Dennis’ promotion! That’s SO cool! I laughed so much while I read that post. I totally agree with you in that 4th of July thing, nothing really happened that day, it was just another day where the “Apple/Macintosh/Mac” store was closed, and it was also one less day to discover that my laptop died *Sniff* and now I have a MacBook! Wee Hoo, but none of that happened in the 4th of July, so it was a nothing-happened-to-me-and-I-stayed-on-the-couch-watching-Jerry-Springer day.

While writing this post, I remembered the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” which you should TOTALLY watch, it’s SO worth it! and it takes place somewhere in the 4th of July and I bought that movie some time ago in Orlando, together with “I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer” now I just need to find “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer” and remember Baby C, be careful with the Hook Man/Fisherman/Ben Willis…

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