On the road again.

9 07 2007

Headed up to Vermont for the second time, this time for almost a week. I rented a car from Enterprise, which was great. Now, I’m driving around a 2007 Chevy something or other. Never in my life have I driven a Chevy and I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. It’s the first American car I’ve driven since I lived in Mississippi and owned a Dodge Neon.
While it’s got a great sound system and fully functioning air conditioning, it feels like I’m driving around in a Tupperware.
So we’ll see how it goes on the ride up. I’m just packing my things now, about to take a shower, and then head off into the wild blue yonder known as Interstate 91. Looking forward to being at home again in Vermont, and even though I’ll be back here by Sunday, it’s hard to know I’m missing out on more time with Dennis. He tells me though, to calm down my worries, “What’s a few days? A few days is a few days; it’s nothing when we have forever.”





3 responses

9 07 2007
Rachel L

Hi! Welcome back to the states. I’m totally impressed with the hot yoga thing. I get dizzy just thinking about it! Sounds like you are truly enjoying your time home, which sounds devine 🙂

Tell Dennis congrats for me on the job, promotion, etc. It’s all SO impressive!

I know you have tons to do and lots of people to see, but if you come to NYC again before you head back to Brazil, please please call! I’d love to meet you both (or just you!) for some dessert/pizza/tea/drinks, etc.

9 07 2007
At. Sarah

a Tupperware- I totally, Totally heart it. Perfect.

9 07 2007

Rachel: I speak for both Dennis and myself when I reply to you with a hearty “Yes!!!! We’d LOVE to!!!!”

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