Weather and shallow TV.

11 07 2007

I don’t know. I think we’re in the middle of some kind of tornado up here in Vermont. This weather is pretty creepy: hard rain and constant wind, thunder, and lightning. And in the background, I have America’s Next Top Model. I couldn’t be happier.




5 responses

12 07 2007

Why IS it that ANTM is so addicting?

I’ve been reading your blog for a while and must say yours is one of my favorites.

12 07 2007

I don’t know exactly why ANTM rules my life in America….Somewhere between their luxury accomodations, their fabulously girly insecurities, and the Tyra Mail I just lose myself.

(And thanks! for your kind words!)

13 07 2007

Hey Baby C! Did you know they’re having Brazil’s Next Top Model? You could SO participate and bring your favorite students (The Trinity) to come visit you in the house thingy and make us famous! Or you could just participate and make us tell everyone that our teacher is in “Brazil’s Next Top Model.”

Jennie, that’s a good question! I guess that Baby C (Gina Coggio, or Ms. Coggio for us) is the only person in the world who has an answer for that question…

13 07 2007

I think we all just need to fact the cold, hard truth: if I were to enter either the Brazilian or the American version of Next Top Model, there would be no REAL competition. I’d win hands down. The producers told me so; trust me, I’ve already touched base with them. They think it’s best for everyone else’s self esteem for me to stay out of the competition, so I’ll just be satisfied being an English teacher.

13 07 2007

Of course! I forgot about that, you’re such a nice person by letting one of the girls win… They wouldn’t have a chance huh? I guess that’s why you never appeared in any of the seasons… Imagine having a top model teacher?! It’d be so cool! You had to be in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6, so you would protect Gina from that beast-like-woman-who’s-a-cynic(Not that I have a problem with cynics, only her)-and-an-evil-person named Jade…

You’re the best Baby C!

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