Oops, I forgot to make a subject for this post. So now it’s this.

12 07 2007

Like a gluttonous sloth, I slept until noon today. I woke up and it was already minutes into the PM. I couldn’t quite believe it since the blinking alarm clock next to my bed read 10:23 10:23 10:23 10:23 and all the other times I’d woken up it was in the blinking 9s. None of that has anything to with it being noon, other than it didn’t feel like it was noon, just like it didn’t feel like it was any of those other blinking numbers. I think I woke up apathetic to nearly everything.

Except for the sun. Sweet Baby Jesus, it is finer today than any other since I’ve been in Vermont. I am pleasantly sunburned after lying out on the back deck for an hour while reading “Between, Georgia.” (Which I have doubted as a real book up until the most recent pages, in the non-blinking 140s.) On this beautiful day I am wondering if I should go to the tiny coffee shop in town or else stay here at home soaking up the sun and the surroundings of my house. Part of me, the smart, motivated, interesting part, wants to get out of the house and explore. But the other part, the lazy part, the part has a much louder voice and fatter ass, has the terrible habit of smothering that first part, making it that much harder for me to get off the couch and do anything outside of the property lines.

So, ho-hum. I’ll probably stick around, go around for a drive later, to Joe’s Snack Bar for a sweet treat for dessert. It’s so slow here and so beautiful.




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