If there is one thing I’m good at, and I mean really, really good, it’s spending money on damn cute clothes.

13 07 2007

This morning I woke up well before I had to and spent most of the time on the couch watching Kathy Griffin on the television before I had to go to Burlington. While there I walked around Church Street, entering stores and fondling shoes I can’t afford to buy, and then spent money on fashionable things to bring back to Brazil. I know if I buy clothes in the US, I can wear them either here or there in Brazil. However, if I buy clothes in Brazil, the only place I can be seen in them without strange looks is Brazil. Therefore, I am stocking up now for clothes for next year. It’s a good thing it’s summer here because before I know it, it’ll be summer there. It works out well for my closet, if not for my budget. Clothes are twice as expensive here, but they last seven times as long. It’s true: things made in Brazil, other than food, are not the best quality. That’s not to say they’re not good quality, but they’re not great. And I suppose I’d rather spend my money on clothes I know can last versus clothes I can get somewhere cheap that will fall apart. And they do, too. I can’t tell you how many shirts I’ve purchased–for not cheap, by the way–that after two or three washings have holes in them. Perhaps it’s the washing machines that tear my clothes apart, or maybe it’s just that they’re not put together well. Whatever the case, lots of my clothes have holes in them in Brazil, and I think it’s just not proper for a teacher to be wearing holey clothes.

I also made an agreement with myself to get cable television when I go back to Brazil. I think it’ll be a nice mindless activity when I’m at home, versus just watching DVDs. I have maybe five or six DVDs that I can watch over and over and over and over and over again, and while they’re very good movies, I think I need a little more stimulus. (Can you believe I just said television is a stimulus?) So I’m going to plop down the money for cable and will be able to watch more than Brazilian pizza tossing to techno music and commercials. I’ll get some American programs in there, too. I think I’m okay with that. Last year was just too friggin boring in my house with just me and five movies. (I almost typed me and five monkeys. I would have been lucky to have five monkeys in my house; would have been a nice distraction and kept me from talking less to my reflection in the mirror.) So, that’s that. I’m getting mentally ready to return to the land of Samba and caipirinhas, and actually I’m getting excited to see my students again. They won’t be MY students, ’cause they’ll be in eighth grade, but it’ll be good to see them.
You know what? Scratch that. They are TOTALLY my students. I can’t wait to see them.




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13 07 2007

We’ll always be your students! And I can’t wait to see you too.

Yay for cable TV! Awesome. You’ll love it. Basically all the programs are American. Be sure to get the good kind of cable, though.

You talk to your reflection in the mirror? What for? You are definitely in need of a distraction. Watching more TV will do you good.

And what do you mean, you’re “actually getting excited to see your students”? Like it’s a surprise! You love us!


13 07 2007

It’s true, I do love you kids. However, going back to school means a whole new long year of work and that’s not exciting. I wouldn’t be excited if it weren’t for you all, so saying that I’m excited to see you IS kind of a surprise since it means, in a way, I’m going back to work.

13 07 2007

Aw, that’s so cute Baby C (I know you’re getting tired of answering my comments… But I’ll keep on writing ’em!) Finally you’re getting some entertainment, just because we won’t see you daily you changed to cable, and now we won’t be able to talk to you about television… most of the time! Like Sofa/Sofy/Soft (But mostly Sofa) said, we’ll aways be your students… And I know what you mean when you say it’ll be a whole new long year… Can you believe that while I’m in depression thinking about that my sister comes to and says that she’s counting the minutes until school begins because she wants to show off her new outfit?! She’s just plain weird! I bet in the second day of school she’ll be saying: “I wish I payed attention to my wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, best-person-in-the-world brother, who told me to enjoy my short vacation, but now I lost my vacation for ONE day of school which was totally wasted, since nobody cared for my clothes (Neverending sighs ending in tears).”

13 07 2007

Oh, you are TOOOOO funny, Alvaro! And you sound very wise (and full of yourself, too, which you learned from your wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, best-person-in-the-world teacher, Ms. Coggio.)

And you’re also very right about the cable being a replacement for your 7th grade class. I can’t imagine the upcoming 7th grade will be half as entertaining as you all will; but, you never know.

13 07 2007

Of course, I learned from the best! (It’s impressive how a person can be influenced by another!) Oh, and I’m not sure how NEVERENDING sighs could END in tears… I’m just plain weird… But I guess I learned from the best!

Oh, Baby C, you know I love you and all, but I need to point out a slight spelling mistake you have made in your previous post! the word intelligent is written incorrectly… I’m sure it was a typing mistake… just like that time in “On Our Way” when I was boasting about myself and when I wrote that I was smart, I wrote that I was “samrt” words seem to auto-incorrect themselves when you most need them! Don’t worry, you’re still the most intelligent!

14 07 2007

good eye, my dear. found and corrected. your teacher shore is a samrt one to teach you so good.

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