The question remains….

14 07 2007

As I was coming to the end of the novel, “Between, Georgia,” there it was on page 226 in big bold print: “Olly olly, oxen free.”

What the hell?

I thought I’d already found the answer to my initial confusion. But no, there it is. Freedom of the cows.




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14 07 2007

Hey Baby C! Hahaha! That “oxen” problem is one of the funniest problems I ever heard of… Maybe your mind-soul-mate wrote the book and you two listen to exactly all the same things… Who knows?

Oh! and I was searching for Cary’s, Sofy’s and my wordpress accounts in “Google” and I discovered that out of the three, I’m the only one who has one of my posts in another website! The name of the website is kinda weird, but it’s about celebrity gossip, and that means that I wrote a very good post for them to put it in an official gossip website! Wee hoo for me! I’m among all the other lifeless media-addicted puppets! I’m so proud of myself! I’m so important!

The only problem in that website is that instead of putting a nice icon for username like all the other people, they put an old man full of of wrinckles… Now everyone’s gonna think I’m old, you already think I’m 49, now the whole entire world’s gonna think I’m 50 or something, and 50 is close to 80 and when I’m 80, I’m close to dying and I don’t wanna die… See what you did Baby C?!

Oh, and be careful with your language little missy!

14 07 2007

I told you, I TOLD YOU to google it and that there might be two ways to say it. You should have listened to me, because I’m ALWAYS right. You should’ve googled it.

But since you didn’t and I’m a great, awesomest-in-the-world person, I’m solving your problem: (besides, I got curious)


15 07 2007

No Wikipedia!!!!! It doesn’t count!!!!

15 07 2007

Does too! You’re just stubborn!
Here then, Miss Hard-To-Please, take your pick:

I expect a “thank you”, by the way, for all the trouble I went through.


16 07 2007

Wow! Thank you very much.

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