Apparently this one is about movies, vacation, and doing nothing much at all.

16 07 2007

Oh, how I adore vacation. It is a Monday and I am casually flipping through the channels on Dennis’ television, floating somewhere between HGTV, Biography, and shamefully, “You’ve Got Mail” on HBO. But no worries. It is vacation and therefore I’m not caring so much about what exactly I’m watching. If it weren’t vacation, I believe my television watching would be much more selective since I’d have so little time. But now I’m wasting it on the movie that starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as a lovable couple for the third time. I adore vacation.

I was thinking today how dangerous it would be if this pattern continued. How could it be possible for me to keep up with this schedule of coffee drinking, sleeping, shopping the sale racks, and watching Tom Hanks movies without going insane? I think part of my problem is spending so much time on my own. With Dennis working twenty seven hundred hours a day I am left to my own devices which include a near constant thirst for White Chocolate Mochas and the almost habitual movement of withdrawing my debit card from my wallet. I am quite sure I even practice that in my sleep. But if I kept this up for the length of a public school summer vacation, I’m not sure I’d have enough motivation to go back to work. Two full months of what I’ve been doing? Granted, it’s a wonderful gift to have so much time off with no other job I need to go to like I’d been doing for the past two summers, but it’s sucking all the life out of me. The most thinking I can do for myself is to make sure my seatbelt’s fastened when I get into the car. I love it, but it’s all a little mind numbing.

You know something? Meg Ryan walks like a little man. She saunters quite boldly in almost every movie I’ve ever seen. It’s like she was riding a horse for a week straight and then the cameras started rolling as soon as she hopped off. But she is still amazing and very quirky, so I will excuse her gait.

Do you know what I just did? I just packed up my suitcase. Not because I’m remotely eager to leave the country again, but because I needed to see if all my new couture from my various shopping excursions will fit. Couture that includes, but is not limited to, little shoes with frogs on them, a couple pairs of heels, and a great pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters I haven’t wanted to wear anything else for two weeks. I am also leaving a good bit of nasty Brazilian clothes here since I can’t bear to cart them all over the world and not bother to wear them. Before I left for the States, I pulled together all the clothes I haven’t worn all year in Brazil and put them in a big bag, meaning to drop them off at the donation place a couple of streets over, but I never did. So that’ll be Thing Number One to do as soon as I get back.

(Now I’ve moved shamlessly onto “The Horse Whisperer” with Robert Redford. He’s a fine looking man, I’ll tell you that. But I still think he looks the best in “Out of Africa.”)

I’ve got a few more books to pack in somewhere in my suitcase. I went to Barnes & Noble today and got three more titles that I’ll add onto “The Nightstand” page as soon as I can. Right now I’ve got some chick flicks to watch. Speaking of movies, we rented “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith. Puh-lease people. One of the more boring films I’ve seen all year. It was not even remotely fun to watch. Don’t bother.

Okay! Enough! I’ve got this movie to sit through and then wait around some more for Dennis. I know, sounds glorious, doesn’t it?




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17 07 2007

The Will Smith movie was not that bad. It had a nice story.

17 07 2007

READER–I agree with you. The story was a really good one. But the way it was told visually didn’t agree with me is all. It was too slow for me.

17 07 2007

^^ I liked it. Like Reader said, it was a nice story. Very…”touching”.

I read The Horse Whisperer last year, but I never watched it. I hated the book, it was way too confusing for me. So if the movie was anything like it, I probably would hate it too. The only good thing would be Robert Redford. I agree that he is a fine looking man…a very fine looking man… 🙂 *sighs*

You won’t go insane if you continue with your “coffee drinking, sleeping, shopping the sale racks, and watching Tom Hanks movies” schedule. I’ve tried it (except for the coffee part). Be aware that you might gain a few pounds, though. But you’re skinny, so it doesn’t matter.

And, um, “Meg Ryan walks like a little man”?
You’ve got way too much free time…


17 07 2007

Sofy, you are in 7th grade. Excuse me, 8th almost. You think Robert Redford is a fine looking man?

17 07 2007

Ms. Coggio, please. He’s like 100 now, but .

With this, who could NOT think he’s a fine looking man?

17 07 2007

Point very well taken.

18 07 2007

I liked Pursuit of Happyness, but I guess I like slow movies. Gives me plenty of time to soak up everything. : )

I totally agree with you that Meg Ryan walks like a man – I’ve noticed it in all of her movies.

25 02 2008

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