Pent up.

17 07 2007

I woke up an hour before Dennis’ alarm clock went off and drifted back to sleep without any trouble. I buried myself under a pillow and was still under it when he snuck under to say goodbye before leaving for work. The only thing I remember doing was wiggling so as to put my head in his hand and ask him if what he said was that he would be coming home tomorrow. I don’t even think I opened my eyes.
And so it was that at 9:15 I opened my eyes for the first time and realized I was 15 minutes late bringing his car to the shop to have the brakes fixed. I scrambled out of bed when I heard his dad calling me my Russianized nickname and threw clothes on so fast I didn’t realize I’d put my skirt on inside out until I was in the car with his dad driving to the car shop.

So there I was, skirt inside out, and talking about Russia. I always do this. Usually my skirt is on the right way, but we’re always talking about Russia. We have great conversations and I have learned so much about immigration, Ukraine, perseverance, and the importance of humor by talking with his parents. After the car shop, we all three of us (his parents and I) went to Starbucks where we talked about Europe and about when Dennis was a freakishly muscular college student.

Anyhow, since Dennis’ car has been in the shop all day, I’ve been feeling anxious and bored. I didn’t start to feel this way until about 2:30, which isn’t half bad, but from then on, my eyes were on the clock every fifteen minutes and by 6 I was pacing his room like mad, so I went out for a run. I use the term “run” lightly considering over 80% of the time I spent walking. So “run” here is really more of a figure of speech. It was nice to be out walking and I went for a long time but here I am 2 and a half hours later, still waiting around. Last night, when he came home at 8:30, he said he wanted to be in bed by 10:30. So for me, that means being around all day for only two hours to spend with him.
I’m not complaining, honestly. I’m just coming to terms with my terribly boring life.

Tomorrow I have lunch plans with an old friend. Thursday: nothing. Friday: go to Vermont. Saturday: high school reunion. Sunday: come back to New Haven. Monday-Friday next: more of the same. It will be my last week and since returning home on Saturday here I’ve seen Dennis for a scant few conscious hours. Ick.

So I’m a little pent up these days, mostly because he’s not around to help dispell my energy by going on adventures and errands, but also because in these last bunch of days I find myself without my best friend for the majority of my day. And it makes me feel lonely, so sitting here in his room is comfortable and like I’m absorbing his presence by sitting in his room. But it’s making me a little nutty. I’m looking forward to getting his car back.




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