20 07 2007

I am still in New Haven. We won’t get up to Vermont until well after midnight. Dennis is still happily working away and I am just now getting my things together, finishing laundry and whatnot. Judging from the last two times I made the trip up to Vermont, I think the drive will go by quickly; plus, with the prospect of having dinner on the road, time will fly.

There’s something special about having dinner on the road. Something that’s different from just going out to eat. I could go to Friendly’s any old day, but when you’re in the middle of traveling, it’s like relief. It’s like a privileged, exciting interruption to a relatively long drive. (Speaking of which, I wonder if Pickle is reading this? I wonder if he knows I’m making the exact same drive he complained about making those months ago? I wonder if he’ll be at reunion?)

I’m so glad the weather forecast is positive for tomorrow. High of 78, 10% chance of rain. I’m very excited, considering all the rain we’ve had lately, both here in CT and north in VT. Today I lay out in the sun to tan my skin a little bit. I’ve got a nice base burn, so I was only out for a half hour or so, reading.

I just wrote about the weather. Clearly I’m overflowing with interesting anecdotes and wit, so before it becomes too much, I’ll end it here, nice and quick. I will also point you in the direction of enormously more fascinating writing than my own so at least something good can come out of the time you’ve put into reading this far.

Have at it.




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