The Simpsons have a home in Vermont.

24 07 2007

where they showed the film, originally uploaded by Gina Coggio.

Like any self-respecting Simspons fan, and a Vermonter at that, I took it upon myself to stop by their recently publically named home town, Springfield, Vermont, just off Interstate-91. And unlike any self-respecting Vermonter, I had no idea where the town was. It wasn’t until Dennis’ sharp eyes spotted the name on the green sign as we flew by it at a whopping 65 miles an hour (he obeys the law, unlike myself) and cried out in jubilation, “Springfield?! THE Springfield?”, to which I responded, “Oh yeah! I forgot! The Simpsons’ new home!”

So of course, we had to stop. Did you know Ben & Jerry’s made a Donut and Beer flavored icecream for the joyous occasion? The occasion was a gigantic party in downtown Springfield, complete with the first screening of The Simpsons Movie and the presence of local businesses, including Magic Hat (the beer company, of course.)

And, of course, Dennis and I were a day late and a penny short for the festivities, but no worries. The town was so quiet in fact it was as if nothing had happened at all, but for this gigantic donut-holding yellow hand and a few signs posted up tiredly touting “Welcome Home Homer.”

I had been to Springfield in the past for two reasons: fill up a tank of gas, and the VT Music Festival when I was in high school. Two equally forgettable events, so it’s no wonder I forgot about the town altogether. Now, however, it will be much easier to remember, thanks to the hand. I’m not sure how long it’ll stay up, but knowing Vermont, who for a decade has displayed two gigantic whale tails along the highway near Burlington, I imagine this hand will be raised in triumph at this spot for quite some time.




One response

2 10 2007

I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. After helping them win, the local Chamber of Commerce turned their back on us. The elite in town received the invitations to view the world premiere in place of us. And then not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater. You can read more about this and check out some of the sights and sounds of premiere day at our new website:
The Simpsons Springfield Vermont

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