From Atlanta.

28 07 2007

I’m here in Atlanta for just an hour. My flight from JFK went well although it was filled–and I mean to the brim–with screaming children. I have been up since 2am and so now I am a little tired, if not rattled from the turbulence on this morning’s flight. It occurred to me that I am unable to handle turbulence unless I am looking out the window. By mistake, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, awoken so suddenly by the plane’s flopping and bouncing and a flight attendant’s voice over the intercom I nearly lost all bowel control as I bolted straight up from my seat. The man next to me, however, was fast asleep and snoring so I figured all was well.

Can you believe there were no tears this morning when Dennis and I said goodbye? None whatsoever. Each time it’s getting easier and easier. Not more desirable, but easier to say a long goodbye. I think the next time I’ll see him is November, maybe October. It surprises me that I can say farewell so easily. I am also just now hearing Portuguese for the first time in five weeks. I’m afraid, as always, that I won’t be able to understand anyone when I get back. But that’s just par for the course. I am also drinking my final cup of Starbucks in the United States Until December right now. I gotta tell you, I’ve not loved a beverage this much since I found kiwi caipirinhas with sake.

Okay, this post is worthless, but so am I on two and a half hours of sleep and a package of fake orange cheese on wheat crackers. That was snack this morning on the flight and I was, in fact, almost too tired to gather enough saliva in my mouth to help moisten the crackers as I chewed. I am hoping I’ll be able to sleep well on the plane. Actually, at the very least, I’m hoping the seat I get this time leans back. The one this morning didn’t and I was forced to allow my head to keep bouncing up and down as I fell asleep, a most embarrassing scene. So I’m half-way there, kind of. I’ll touch base again when I touch ground again.




3 responses

30 07 2007

I love the way you craft your sentences. Too tired to gather saliva? It made m chuckle out loud.

30 07 2007

Sorry, made mE chuckle out loud.

30 07 2007

I was gonna say…”Who’s this ‘m’ character?” I’m glad I can make him (or her?) chuckle out loud. 🙂

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