Brazil: Round 2.

29 07 2007

It has felt like a dream, and my dreams aren’t helping my reality. Before I knew it, I was standing in the cold outside of the Sao Paulo airport at Guarulhos and waiting for the bus to arrive and then I was again sitting and drifting off to sleep like I’d been doing for the past twenty hours. I dreamed of New Haven and of Brazil of waking up in Dennis’ house and of living in Afghanistan. This last place is because I’m reading “The Kite Runner.” I had places and places and places in my dreams and when I woke up, I was in Campinas, only minutes from my home.
I reached my house in complete darkness and silence, at 2 in the morning, nearly four hours later than I thought I would. Upon opening my door, I smelled the smell I had a year ago when I first moved in, but saw my familiar orange couch and framed pictures and black glass bowl on the dining room table and I knew I was in a familiar place.
My apartment was freezing, as I’d expected, and so the first thing I did was get my sleeping bag that I’d last slept in in New Zealand, and put it underneath the covers of my bed. I made three phone calls: Dennis, my mom, Dennis’ parents, and then crawled beneath the covers and opened up “The Kite Runner” again.
I had dreams again while I slept and when I awoke I thought for a second I was still in Dennis’ room. I sleep up against the wall in his room and I do the same here. But instead of the air conditioning kicking on occasionally, I heard construction sounds and knew it was just another Sunday morning in Brazil.
I am now up and around my house, decked out in slippers and sweaters and sweat pants. I’m sipping a cup of coffee and exploring the places I haven’t been around for five weeks. Like always, it may take me a day inside to get used to being back here, and I may venture out tomorrow into the cold air. I have to be at work on Tuesday.

So, here I am, back in Brazil. It would have been a horrible home-coming if not for the bright blue sky I saw when I opened up my eyes for real this morning.

homecoming, July 29th 2007, originally uploaded by Gina Coggio.



6 responses

29 07 2007

Welcome back… hope you brought some warm things with you this time. It has been rather chilly over the last few days.

29 07 2007
giovanna d.

hi miss c.

how are you???

im already in venezuela and im liking it!!!

hope to talk to you!!!


30 07 2007

Hi Giovanna! I’m glad things are good for you up there! When do you start school? We’ll miss you this year!

30 07 2007
giovanna d.

school starts the 14th!!
ill miss you too!!!

3 08 2007
The Spectacled Bear

Hi, I lhave just found your blog and I love it – great tales. I just wanted to commment that I also read the Kite Runner recently and kept dreaming I was in the novel. Best wishes from a fellow anglophone in Brazil.

3 08 2007

Thanks for the words, Bear! Stop by anytime!

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