A Brand Name.

31 07 2007

you decide…., originally uploaded by Gina Coggio.

I don’t know. They have huge billboards on the side of the road advertising the clothes that come from this store. They’re wicked cool clothes and I like them very much. HOWEVER, looking at the font quickly….the name of the store is Canal….but….if you look at it really closely doesn’t it look like……..(uh, like it’s missing the “C”?)




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31 07 2007

Hopped to your page from Bonfires…but yes, seriously, they should have thought about that. But does that mean the same thing in other languages? maybe they should be informed…

31 07 2007
Nothing But Bonfires

Hahaha! Oh wow, it really does. Um, maybe they need a redesign. And some excellent PR.

31 07 2007

Yes, I think the “C” definitely needs to stand alone. I’d love to be the one to inform them but I think it would be quite rude to approach a salesclerk and fumble through the Portuguese to explain. I’d probably make it come out something like, “Then, the plaque speaks something like this: anal. You understand the anal? I see the anal.”

31 07 2007

Can you tell I’m not fluent yet?

31 07 2007

Actually, when I read it quickly, I saw “anal”. After spending about twenty seconds staring at it, THEN I saw “canal”. My little brother, who’s standing beside me right now, also saw “anal” first.

And also, “anal” means exactly the same thing and is spelled exactly the same way in portuguese. I have absolutely NO idea how nobody else saw it yet.

1 08 2007

Yikes – the C definitely doesn’t stand alone! That’s hilarious.

5 08 2007

dirty. just plain dirty.

5 08 2007

I know. This is what I’m saying.

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