Back to work.

31 07 2007

So I’m back here at school, doing in-service days or whatever this is called. I’m here tomorrow all day too getting my room ready for the school year. It’s always a little overwhelming the first couple of days because I need to know so many things and get so many materials prepped and ready for use immediately. We have no direct access to copy machines so I need to get them prepared for someone else to make the copies for me.

I’m teaching some good classes this year: English, like always, and Social Studies like always, too. I’m teaching Geography again but because I hated it so much last year, we’ve made some significant changes to it this year. Rather than teaching the Geography of Brazil or of the United States while we’re studying the Renaissance in Northern Europe, we’re changing it so that I can teach the geography of the places we’re studying in History class. It’ll be much better and I think I won’t be struggling so much for ideas of what to do. Finally, I’m teaching a high school Speech & Drama class. It should be interesting, considering it’s a class I get to design on my own, which can be an overwhelming task. But I’ve had three years of designing new classes, so I think I’ll be fine.  We’re reading really good texts, “Titus Andronicus” is one of them, so I am pretty sure it’ll be a good class.

Still freezing here. Just thought I’d let you know.




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31 07 2007

Yuck. Just reading those few paragraphs made my stomach churn. I attempted to teach in a former life, and I only lasted 2 weeks in the classroom. Having to design a curriculum would have seriously killed me.

31 07 2007

Really? When/where/what did you teach?

1 08 2007

4 years ago in Arkansas – 8th grade math. The kids didn’t even know how to do long division. It was very depressing and overwhelming. I’m not cut out for teaching – I would make a great teacher’s aide, but I wouldn’t get paid enough to cover my bills. I love, love, LOVE grading papers and averaging grades and passing out papers and organizing things, but actually teaching the lessons sort of freaked me out.

I admire you and all other teachers that love their jobs and are passionate about their work. I hope your students realize how lucky they are to have you.

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