What a lovely day, minus the harsh chemicals.

4 08 2007

I spent much of today either on the phone with Dennis or furiously scrubbing the Pine Sol off my face. In honor of the arrival of my dear friend Jake, I have decided to give my apartment–or at least the dirty parts of it–an overhaul, thereby bringing out the big guns: the mop, the scrub brush, the bucket, and the Pine Sol. (Pinha Sol, actually.)

So there I was, deep in the shower, oily hair, grubby pants, and sweaty tank top, scrubbing every single surface of the shower. I brought in the bucket and filled it with water and orange-scented Pinha Sol, dipping into the bucket and scrubbing and splashing and dripping every which way. I stood in puddles of chemical water and scrubbed with a fury I would normally have were I trying to procrastinate from doing something serious, like school work or paying bills.

After a while I noticed my fingers turning red, but I figured that was par for the course when you’re dipping into a bucket of chemicals for a half hour, likewise with the lightheaded-ness.  Inhaling that stuff while trapped in a shower box isn’t a good idea, I’m sure. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the flavor of the Pine Sol. It tastes nothing like orange! It tastes like metal and soap and now, even after I’ve showered and opened up a can of beer to celebrate the cleanliness of my guest bathroom, I can still taste the flavor of the surface cleaner on my lips.

I went out shopping, before all the chemicals, to prepare my house for Jake’s arrival. I got him new sheets and a blanket, lots of food, soap, and a water filter. I thought it would be no problem to install it–just what, unscrew the old filter and put the new one in, right? Nope. So, unless in the next three days I’m able to get a man with tools over here, or a woman for that matter, but you don’t see that very often, neither I nor Jake will be able to benefit from super super filtered water. No matter. There’s a 12-pack of beer in the fridge. That should do us. (Don’t judge. They’re really only sold in 12-packs here, so before you go saying, “Wow, that Gina’s a lush,” just hold on a sec and take a look at Brazilian beer marketing.)

I also found this: last.fm and it is FABULOUS. Have you heard of it? Free music, awesome variety…I’ve been listening to it all day and it’s been one of the greatest days in Brazil I’ve ever had. To make matters even better, in a couple of hours, I’m off to a birthday party for a good friend of mine, where I’ll be able to spend some good fun time with my other friends from work.

Yay for Saturday!




4 responses

4 08 2007

You don’t need to clean for me. I live with a 3 year old and work with college students – cleanliness is optional for me.

4 08 2007

Well, think of it as cleaning for myself and you just get to benefit from it. Seriously, though, I washed the sheets and they smell SO good!!!!! Nothing like really good fabric softener.

4 08 2007

Ms.Coggio, why did you taste Pine Sol? Did you actually think it would taste like orange?!

I’ve told you that you’re crazy before, right? Because I still think so.

5 08 2007

I tasted it by accident! It had splattered everywhere all over my face in the tiniest drops imaginable and then soaked into my skin. And I guess if they’re using orange extract it should taste a little bit like orange, wouldn’t you agree?

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