Mobster dreams.

6 08 2007

So I had a full-on gangster dream last night, complete with a setting in 1940s Providence, an Italian restaurant, and a big guy named Bugsy. What do you think it means? I woke up, again, stunned to hear noises in my apartment and it ripped me out of the dream. The noise ended up being a fly ramming its stupid self into the wall above my bed. I think in my dream the noise translated into a gun shot. There was a real explosion last night, too, during the time I was awake, and afterwards I was plagued by ill thoughts about my building collapsing. It was near torture getting out of bed this morning, having had such a rude interruption to my sleep. But I’m up, relaxed, and sipping Starbucks so I can’t complain. Except who’s this Bugsy character? And why was I telling, “No, Bugsy, don’t do it!” Maybe tonight’s dreams will provide the answer.




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