Off to the beach.

10 08 2007

I hope you understand my absence from the Internet this weekend. I’ll be here, enjoying the sunshine and the good company of my friend Jake as he attends a conference in Santos. While he’s being all professional, I’ll be at the pool or on the sand soaking up the rays and good words in this book.

It’s been a wonderful two days. Jake opted to stay here in Campinas one more night, and we both woke up at 5:25 this morning so he could catch a 6:30 bus to Santos before his conference begins. We went out last night to Agua Doce, a great restaurant that has food in the style of Minas Gerais, one of the largest states here. Lots of mandioca, lots of dried meat, and some fresh salads. It was delicious.

Did I tell you that I came home from work yesterday to find that Jake had given me a beautiful plant? They look like roses but they’re not; they’re white and purple and they’re beautiful. He wanted to get a bouquet instead, but because he couldn’t say “bouquet” in Portuguese, and because plants are better, he opted for the plant. It reminded me of Alice Walker’s book, “The Color Purple,” how one of the characters says (or maybe it was my professors in college who said it) that purple things in nature are few and far between, how you have to look closely for the purple things–flowers, a shade in the sunset, reflection in water. It’s kind of like the rare beautiful friendship a person can have with another, how even after a decade of silence, we can continue talking and being together exactly–exactly–as we had before the quiet. It was as if we separated from each other in a store, browsing the shelves in separate sections and came back to each other, our baskets filled with different objects but no more foreign to each other than we were twenty minutes earlier when I went to the racks of shoes and he went to check out the pharmacy. It is a purple friendship Jake and I have.

So, please forgive my silence this weekend. I will take a lot of pictures and, if I have access, I’ll drop a line here from the hotel. In the meantime, look up this band on and have a wonderful couple of days.





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10 08 2007

If you have not been in Santos yet I don’t think it’s what you’re expecting at all. It’s not “paradise” like the southern beaches and Rio the places you’ve visited until now. Guaruja is nice though, right across you have to get a Balsa if you ever know what that is.

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