11 08 2007

Yeah, so remember how I was all excited about the sun? And the beach?

Not so much.

I’m here in Santos, in the business/Internet area of the hotel, and while it’s nice inside, outside is overcast and cold. Damnit. I’m also in a part of Santos, which from what little I’ve seen so far, reminds me of Centro in Campinas except with a beach. It’s not at all—AT. ALL.–what I’ve seen as far as beaches in Brazil go, and so I’m a little depressed. Although, I’ve been forewarned that Santos is a little different, that São Paulo beaches in general are different (read: not nearly as nice as the ones in Rio) and so I expected not to be going to paradise. When I’d ask people, “What’s Santos like?” they’d kind of think on it a little and give me an, “Eh, it’s nice.”

I will say, however, that coming down the mountain on the bus into Santos was marvelous. Breathtaking. I got in last night around 9:30 and I’d managed to fall asleep for a moment or two. When I opened my eyes, I looked down into a valley of lights curved in such a way as to suggest a coast line and I wondered what it would look like in daylight. I love traveling by bus here because you can close your eyes whenever you want and open them some time later to a different view out the window.

Jake and I had a late dinner last night washed down with several caipirinhas and I was tired all the way through the evening, so it was all I could do to stumble back to bed and fall into a deep sleep, waking up two times to cover my head with a pillow while Jake woke up to take a shower before his conference. It is SO great to see him and spend time with him. And the hotel has cable TV, so I’ve been watching shows both in English and in Portuguese and I can’t tell you how happy I am.

Okay, it’s time to go back to bed. 10:15 in the morning and I’m already sleepy.




One response

11 08 2007

I’ve never been to Santos. You know, it’s really unfair that you’ve lived here for about a year and I’ve lived here for twelve, yet you’ve been to more places than I have. I should really tell my parents that.

Did you get cable TV yet? Are you gonna?

Hope you and Jake are having a great time!


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