Bizarre medical issues in the southern hemisphere and kitten wars.

13 08 2007

Today my eye exploded. It turned red and got huge and puffy. For like forty-five minutes until I forgot about it. I was feeling self-conscious about it, so instead of going to the gym, I went home after tutoring so I could poke it and see if it was something serious or gross. It was probably a bug bite of some kind, and when I peeled my eye down, it was bright red on the inside. I don’t know. But because I’d forgotten about the possible eye-biting bug by the end of the day, the symptoms decided to go away. Instead, they crept down into my throat and now I have a serious sore throat. My students and I were talking today after school about how everytime there’s a vacation, we end up getting sick in some way. I think it’s because of the air conditioning in the hotel room in Santos. But it could also be because I’m talking all the time since it’s the beginning of the school year.

Also, I think I’m lonely for companionship. I’m dying to get a cat here but it wouldn’t be fair. It would keep me happy inside while I sit here being sick, but I like to travel and it wouldn’t be nice to keep leaving it here alone. So instead of having a cat of my own, I am happy to rate kittens all day long, and add my own cat to the battles (she has lost 100% of her battles, which have been 1 so far. But she’s registered and that’s about all I can say about that.)

Oh, wait. One more thing: Free time + loneliness = bad news.

I need visitors. Please come to Brazil. I promise I will take good care of you and feed you well, and I will let you make long distance phone calls. And I promise not to rate you like I do those kittens.




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13 08 2007

Don’t ever start a post with “today my eye exploded”, Ms.Coggio. And don’t use the sentence “I peeled my eye down”, either. It’s just weird. And very worrying and disturbing. And eyes are supposed to be all red on the inside part. Unless there’s been something wrong with mine for the past decade. And that thing about getting sick when there’s a vacation is completely true.

Aw, your cat is so cute! That’s an awesome picture, too.


13 08 2007

Sorry dear. But I really did peel my eye down. (And I should give my mother credit for taking the picture of the cat. I was in Brazil when she took it, but there’s no place on the website to give credit where credit is due.)

13 08 2007

I’ll come visit if you promise not to peel your eye down.

13 08 2007
Tina (aka Mom)

Thanks, I just love getting credit !! By the way, Cammy should have won, paws down… (nice idiom, eh?)

13 08 2007

Okay, okay. No peeling of the eyes. But really? You’ll come for a visit?

13 08 2007

Listen, like they say on the website: we all know our kittens are the real winners, and even if she’s up against Mitzy or Biffy or Cutie Pie or whatever other kittens are up there, Cammy is still the cutest friggin thing on the planet.

14 08 2007

I was really just trying to get you to stop peeling your eye but…. I’ll look into it. No promises. Lots of balls in the air right now, this past weekend one dropped. I know you liked her but Sandi and I are no longer together. I’m surprisingly ok with it. Go figure.

15 08 2007

No better way to cope with that kind of dropped ball than to relax in Brazil, that’s all I’m saying.

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