The day in review.

20 08 2007

I’ve been sitting here in my computer corner for about a minute reflecting on my day. Many of you would think a minute’s not long enough to reflect on an entire 24 hours of living and breathing, but when it’s Monday, it’s all I need to realize nothing important happened.   Sure, there were the inconsequential things, but are they really worth writing about? I don’t know. Let’s give it a shot:

8:10am= Computer at school doesn’t recognize me on the network. I don’t recognize myself on instant coffee. Bad mood. I scribble “Fix the fucking internet” in my day planner, fully realizing that’s the only thing I can do in a situation like this since the tech help people can’t get to it in the five minutes before class begins. I feel better immediately having written bad words.

9:30am= Student scribbles on another student’s work. I flip out. Lack of network recognition and real coffee doesn’t help temper my mood.

11:15am= Lunch. Can’t really go wrong with that.

12:03-12:48=History class. Generally a disaster every single time it happens, every single day. Student has hidden a Harry Potter book in a new textbook and is reading about Snape and Hermoine instead of about the equally fascinating Prime Meridian. I confiscate said Harry Potter. Student pouts. I have no sympathy: Greenwich Mean Time matters. End of story.

3:20= I regroup with my former 7th graders and touch base about the Shakespeare club we’re starting. My soul is restored and I move onto tutoring with happiness.

3:25= I tell the third grader I’m tutoring to excuse me because I have to go to the bathroom to blow my nose. I tell her I expect that when I return, she’ll have written a lot in her notebook. She tells me that means I’m going to the bathroom go to poop.  If I’m going to be gone for that long, she says, clearly I must be going poop.

3:40= Same third grader laughs at my armpits in my tank top.

4:40= I catch the bus as it’s stopped at a light. I get a single seat. I put my sunglasses on. I daydream.

5:00= I get off the bus and walk to the gym.

5:08= I get on the treadmill and don’t stop for 45 minutes. I think, perhaps, my day has given me nothing but motivation to expel it from my system.  I sweat out the troubles profusely. I don’t care that I smell.

6:55= I weigh myself at the gym. It is in kilos. I have no idea what that means. I tell myself to convert it on the internet at home.

7:09= I take a shower, light candles, apply a face mask, get into pajamas, and chat with Dennis. Soup is on the menu for dinner, probably followed by a good dose of popcorn and/or chocolate cookies. Who the hell am I kidding. I have a pint of Haagen Dazs in the freezer and nothing to do tonight but watch a movie and crawl into bed. I am all over that shit.

7:26= I convert kilos to pounds. I think twice about the Haagen Dazs.

7:35 (now)= Hm. That was kind of fun. With the exception of the poop comment and the realities of the metric system, it’s been all-in-all a decent day. And to think there was nothing of substance back then in my minute’s reflection. I’m practically choking with pleasure and thanksgiving.




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20 08 2007

You’re so mean! Harry Potter is totally allowed in History class. Nevermind that it is much more interesting than History. Except, perhaps, History of Magic 🙂

20 08 2007

And Harry Potter is nine hundred thousand trillion times better than History class. History class is totally completely useless, in my opinion. Why will I ever want to know what time it is in Paris or Sydney? I don’t live there. And it’s boring, too (sorry). And at least the student was reading…(and not drawing 😈 ) A good book, too.

And……[creepy terror movie something’s-gonna-happen song]……

(I needed proper buildup)(build-up? build up?)

aHA! You said a bad word. Actually two. Because ‘shit’ is a bad word. But I’m not gonna count that because I’m a wonderful person. But still, you’re an evil, naughty, bad person. (but I love you anyway) (most of the time) I still don’t think it’s okay that you get to use them and I don’t. It’s unfair and mean, and the world should be changed.

You know I’m kidding. Use swear words. Whenever you want. I promise this is the last time that I’ll leave you a comment saying this stuff (well, maybe one of the last). Swear words are good. They spread hatred and evilness around the world, which is always nice. Besides, they make stupid 12-yr-olds (me) smile.


20 08 2007

Sorry for the spelling mistake. I stand corrected with Hermione’s name or whatever.

20 08 2007
Citizen D

Instant coffee – I feel your pain. Those who do not require coffee to be a living, breathing, functioning human do not understand how woefully inadequate instant coffee really is. I probably would have done much more than just WRITTEN bad words.

21 08 2007

Nice to know you got my back, D. Starting off a day with instant coffee automatically makes Greenwich Mean Time matter more than Harry Potter. It’s a shame, but true.

21 08 2007

I was hysterical over the poop and armpits comments. As someone that works with young kids, I can fully appreciate that experience.
PS Your blog just keeps getting better and better…

21 08 2007

Got to your blog through Jennie and D…

Instant coffee is akin to the lead shavings in the bottom of one of those 25 cent, handheld pencil sharpeners… not the little flowery, wooden whittlings, but the graphite that eventually coats the clear part of the contraption…

Anything that one just adds water to and stirs is inadequate for a morning wake up. Period.

21 08 2007

Welcome, Catch! Right on about the graphite residue. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Didn’t, actually. (I will say, however, the instant crap I’ve been drinking is only slightly better than the average….this is because you add it to boiled milk. “Muito mais cremoso,” as it’s advertised. “Much creamier.” Still tastes terrible, but at least it’s creamy terrible.)

21 08 2007

3rd graders rule!!

21 08 2007

I’m so sorry for my little sister but she’s in the stupid age and says stupid stuff.

21 08 2007

You have no idea what it’s like to be alone with chich’s little sister for more than 3 hours. She’ll totally get on your nerves, wants to know everything you’re doing. It’s not only to you that she’ll say the “wrong” things, kids that age do the same thing to everyone.

21 08 2007

Chich, I’m pretty sure lots of people are still in “the stupid age” even if they’re not in third grade like your sister.

22 08 2007

hey Mrs.C!!
(I wrote the mrs. with an r on porpose I mean you are like married already. )
YES, i am going to do shak`s club I mean he rocks the house (Mrs.B`s saying, whatever, no not whatever shes nice, like you. )
Well anyway your so lucky to has that wonderful icecream. I feel envy(VOCAB WORD!!!!)!!!!

Love you!!
Your BEST and non perverted student..


22 08 2007

Hey! what do you mean with people are still in the stupid age even if there not in 3d grade. And yeah you don’t know what it’s like to have her for 3 hours when your working. She keeps throwing elastics on your head and sings and like Lorraine said, she always wants to know what your doing. So can you imagine what it would be to have her for 3 hours? Terrible wright?

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