The most recent conversation with my boyfriend.

21 08 2007

[phone rings]

Me: Hello?

Dennis: G!

Me: Hi Den! I miss you!

Dennis: I miss you too.

Me: Sorry for interrupting you earlier. I had just woken up from a nap and wasn’t quite awake when I called you. I didn’t realize you’d still be working.

Dennis: No big deal.

Me: How’s your day?

Dennis: Pretty cool. Just talking with Donnie right now.

Me: Donnie who?

Dennis: Wahlberg. 50 Cent’s here, too.

Me: ……

I have a feeling like these conversations are going to become more regular now that filming’s about to begin. I’m really excited Dennis is so into his job and I’m a little freaked out that he can just drop those names in a two minute long-distance phone call. Part of me is super jealous that he’s working on this kind of project; the other part of me is really thankful that I can take a nap in the early evening and then wake up to read A Thousand Splendid Suns in the perfect, creaking, comfort of my city apartment in Brazil. He’s working so hard–twelve, thirteen hours a day–but he’s doing something he absolutely loves. And while it’s hard to talk to him only once or twice a day for a couple minutes at a time, I fully understand and recognize that he’s happy. And as long as that’s the case for both of us, everything’s gonna be okay.


Realization after a night of sleep: Dennis knows a New Kid.  What I would have given to have that kind of connection when I was in fifth grade. 




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21 08 2007

Sounds like Dennis is having a great time. Tell him if he meets jessica biel, give her my love. I loooooove me some jessica biel!!

22 08 2007

If Jessica Biel is in this film, I’m going to be spending a few thousand dollars traveling back and forth between here and the States just to make sure Dennis is working and not sitting around drooling with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

22 08 2007

It seems like Dennis isn’t annoying with the name-dropping, though. That’s a good thing.

My husband is in love with Jessica Biel. It’s funny because when he mentions her name, he calls her Jennifer or some other similar name starting with a J as if to imply he never thinks about her and can’t remember her name. It cracks me up.

22 08 2007
Rachel L

He’s on a first name basis with Donnie? And what about 50 Cent? Will he call him Fiddy for short?

The job sounds absolutely amazing – what exactly is his role on set? He must be in heaven. Please tell him I’m so excited for him!

22 08 2007

Kind of hard to believe, huh?! He’s helping with locations–so he’s doing lots of organizing and logistical stuff with maps and keys and whatever. I don’t really know.

(And actually, insider information has it that 50 Cent’s name is “Curtis” when he’s an actor.)

22 08 2007

Ooh, that is SO cool!!! 50 Cent!!!
His job sounds pretty awesome. Tell him congrats.
Who’s Donnie Wahlberg?

Tell Dennis that if he ever meets Alyson Hannigan, he’s supposed to get me
her autograph. Please. And if he meets her and doesn’t get me her autograph,
I’ll have to fly over there and yell mean things at him until I feel better.


22 08 2007

As much as I try not to get all ga-ga over celebrities, that’s pretty danged impressive!

22 08 2007

Yep. NKOTB was where it was AT back in the day. I am not so pleased to say that I attended a concert with my best friend and her DAD. My personal favorite was Joey, though. Make sure Dennis doesn’t tell Donnie…he might feel bad.

22 08 2007

My favorite was Jon. Quiet, behind-the-scenes kind of guy. The others were so “in your face,” and although Joey was the youngest, he was too “cute” for me. I guess I like behind-the-scenes kinds of guys seeing that now I’m dating a guy who’s job is exactly that.

22 08 2007
Tina (aka Mom)

Hmmmm… maybe I should dig out your old NKOTB pillowcase ?????

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