Some sounds.

23 08 2007

Have you heard of these musicians?

The Weepies

Sufjan Stevens

Josh Ritter


Erin McKeown

Beth Orton

The Ditty Bops

Cat Power

They’ve been keeping me busy recently with their tunes on  If you go to the website, enter in “The Weepies” and you’re sure to hear them and about a trillion other amazing voices. Then you’ll hear how I’m spending my days trying to drown out the ever-present background noise of construction.




5 responses

23 08 2007

All, very good choices…

Highly recommended for tuning out background noise: The Kooks, The Fratellis, and Straylight Run…

29 08 2007

The Weepies are AWESOME! Thank you, thank you, Thank You. I’m completely addicted to “Gotta Have You”, I was listening to it all day today. I think I pissed off Cary and Alvaro by humming it during our classes.
You rock for putting them up here.


29 08 2007

I know!!!! “Gotta Have You” has been stuck in my head for weeks!!! I listen to them every single day. Kind of sick. But seriously, if you like them, check out:

Joshua Radin
Amos Lee
Iron & Wine
Erin McKeown
Damien Rice
Bright Eyes
Nick Drake
Vienna Tang

29 08 2007

I’ll check those out. Thanks. 😀
Joshua Radin and Iron & Wine I’ve heard of. There were songs by both of them on Garden State. I really like Joshua Radin. “Star Mile” is great. I’ve also heard some Nick Drake.
I’ll check those out. Thanks. 😀


29 08 2007

Huh. I repeated “I’ll check those out. Thanks. :D”. Oops.


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