Week 2: Day in review.

27 08 2007

Last week was pretty good. I’m thinking it’s because I took a couple minutes out of my Monday to reflect on the day’s events. Maybe it’ll bring some more good luck this week. So here goes:





6:22–alarm. I tell myself this is the last one, damnit.


6:34–Okay, seriously. Get the hell up. I yell obscenities to welcome in the week. So much for deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Or a positive mental attitude. I bring shame to my family name with the words I’ve chosen to use.

7:30–Waiting for my ride. Can’t make eye contact with anyone. Contact lenses are dry and making my sleep-deprived eyelids stick to them, forcing me to spend nearly the whole ride to school plucking at my eyes to get them to create some kind of moisture.

8:05–Students enter classroom. I am not yet awake. I have grand plans for listening to music during class. Teacher loves quiet classes with good music.

8:35–The Garden State soundtrack goes on. Students are working beautifully on drawing events from a short story. They are rocking my world, especially because it is 8:35 and I’m not fully awake.

9:40–Student tells me I have a messy signature, that when I sign my name it looks like “Gem Corzim.” He tells me I’m not famous.

9:45-11:15–Obsessive e-mail checking hour. Er, hour and a half. Sadly, there is no real e-mail. Only an update from the most fabulous t-shirt website on the planet, Threadless. This does not count as real e-mail and I secretly send out evil thoughts to my friends (i.e: boyfriend and/or mother) who should have written. These evil thoughts probably do nothing for good e-mail karma and I receive no other e-mail for the rest of the day, however I check incessantly for eight more hours.

11:15–Lunch. Rice and beans. Chicken nuggets that have been so overcooked they are the equivalent of chicken crackers. Even I couldn’t overcook nuggets like these.

12:03-12:48–Pummeled with questions about the decline of the Roman Empire.

12:50–Eat two chocolate cookies. Love them.

3:15–Tutor third grader who laughed at my armpits last week. She works extra hard today for the entire 60 minutes, having received a tongue lashing from her older sister about the appropriateness of talking about teachers’ armpits.

4:40–Bus. Quiet. Slow. Peaceful. Love it. Want to marry it and have little bus babies.

5:10–Run 5K on an incline at the gym. Secretly racing with the guy on the treadmill to my left; smile inwardly when he stops for breath or to walk. Sucker. Secretly racing with the woman to my right. I win because I say so. Listen to “Eye of the Tiger” twice and sing along while running.

6:45–Buy a popular fermented milk drink that I’m curious about. It is small and comes in a plastic container the size of a salt shaker. Everyone drinks it and I want to know what it tastes like. Should realize that it is a fermented. milk. drink.

6:55–Drink fermented milk drink. It tastes like orange juice and warm milk in the same sip. Make mental note not to buy it again.

7:15–Make soup in a bag for dinner. Add water to the powdered stuff and stir.

7:20–Phone rings. Dennis. Smiling and happy, and things are good suddenly.

7:24–Phone rings. Friend. Things not so good suddenly.

7:28–Phone rings. Mom. Things are fine; she tells me one of my first boyfriends in high school got married. Holy chicken wing, another one down the drain.

7:33–Phone rings. Friend. No ride in the morning. Bus is the cheapest alternative. Resign myself to having an early morning tomorrow.

8:05–Wondering if I really need to add eggs to brownie mix or if I can substitute with extra butter. Really just want to eat batter. Thinking of erasing that last sentence so I don’t expose my cravings to the world, but WTF, it’s Monday. I can’t have regrets already; the week’s just started.

8:14–Think about cleaning up the place.

8:14:32–Laugh. Not gonna happen.

And there we go, folks. My day. How was yours? (And seriously….any idea about the egg substitution thing?)




6 responses

27 08 2007

Garden State! I looove that movie! It has the best soundtrack, I just added them all to my iPod a couple of weeks ago. Aw, I wish I had had class with you.

You’re seriously very weird, Ms.Coggio. Little bus babies?
Is it that Yakult thingy you’re talking about? Fermented milk? Because if it is, you’re insane. That is goood.
It doesn’t matter if you add eggs. Just taste it and see if it tastes tasty enough. You just want the batter anyway.
Now go clean your apartment.
Good night.


28 08 2007

Egg substitute…apple sauce? Hmm..or is that for the oil?
Great blog.

28 08 2007

I like that your alarm lets you snooze in even increments. Mine is 9 minutes and it drives me crazy.

I secretly race people at the gym, too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that.

Also, I have a chocolate cookie recipe for you if you like to eat batter – it doesn’t have eggs and it is fabulous. Can you get sweetened condensed milk there? (Sorry if that’s a silly question.)

28 08 2007

Oh, the snooze. I am enamored with my snooze. And yet, it’s stressful. I need to learn to wake up on the first alarm, but I just somehow think I’m YEARS away from that ever happening.

28 08 2007


(And if you can believe it, sweetened condensed milk runs wild here. It’s everywhere you look. Completely out of control.)

5 11 2007
Today so far. « A Year Here / A Year There

[…] 2: Remember that time when I experimented with the fermented milk drink? I happened to have some more of it in my fridge and Dennis asked about it. I wanted him to […]

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