1-800-Flowers HIJACKED!!!!!

28 08 2007

The news today is this, brought to you courtesy of my bank account and the corporate headquarters of 1-800-Flowers:

Hundreds of people–maybe thousands, even, enough to shut down a website for a day–found a charge on their credit cards yesterday. In my case, it was $51.98. I love myself and lots of other people, but to send flowers on a Monday to anyone, including myself, is kind of beyond the scope of reason.  Anyhow, checking my bank account today, I saw a charge from the flower company, and I panicked. Had someone gotten a hold of my credit card and sent flowers? (Nicer person than I am, clearly.) Had I blacked out and in my stupor ordered flowers? Impossible! I tried checking the website; it wasn’t working. I tried e-mailing my bank; not possible. So I was left to call 1-800-Flowers. Convenient phone number but:  Can’t. Place. Toll. Free. Calls. From. Outside. The US!

One roadblock after another and, after using my mom to track down the headquarter’s number in New York, I spoke with a woman online who told me even though she may not have been allowed to, that they’ve been working “round the clock to clean up all this mess.” One can only assume how big of a “mess” it is if it’s shut down the website and had people working on it “round the clock.” How could something like this happen? Who’s behind it? My guess is  it’s that guy who got screwed by the same company when he sent flowers to his girlfriend and the company sent the bill to his wife.




2 responses

28 08 2007

That’s horrible! Funny enough, I almost sent my bf a plant from 1-800-FLOWERS yesterday. Now I’m scared to! I immediately checked my bank account, though. Sigh of relief, no charges.

Living in Brazil must be so much fun! I wanted to go to Rio for New Year’s, but alas I’ll be on a press trip so that will have to wait till a later date…

28 08 2007

Yeah, I’d probably hold off on the ordering from 1-800-Flowers for a little while, at least until everything’s all cleared up (ie: until I get my money back.) But they were nice about it on the phone and said they’re removing the charges from everyone, so I’ll probably order from them again.

And Rio is insanity during the New Year, or so I’ve heard. If you wanna come to Rio, come during Carnaval. Equally insane, but probably the most fun imaginable if you like hot weather and relaxing around lots of people. Doesn’t sound possible to relax around lots of people, but trust me, it is.

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