Hangin’ at the clube.

2 09 2007

I’d love to think of something clever to tell you about my day yesterday, but it was simply unremarkable. I quite literally did nothing all day long until it was midnight, which then technically became today. So I have lots to tell you about today but next to nothing about yesterday, other than the ant story, which maybe you’ve already read so there’s no need repeating myself, especially when it’s just going to be about ants. I can also pathetically admit that I did not leave my house at all on the day of September 1, 2007, again, until it was September 2, 2007. It was then, this morning, that I left the house to meet my friends at Clube Informal Dois. In June last year we went to Clube Informal Um, which was maybe the coolest club I’ve ever been to (and which isn’t saying much since I have maybe been to six clubs in my entire almost three decades of life on Planet Earth.)

Clube Informal Dois is supposed to be the same set-up—like you’re hanging around in someone’s house with a bunch of other strangers and there happens to be loud music and a bar. Kind of like when you go to a house party in college and you have no idea who owns the house, but a friend invited you because the guy that her friend likes is going to the party and she wants to go with an entourage, which includes you. So that’s what the Clube Informals are like. I love them. The first one closed down, which is a shame because they even had bean bag chairs to flop around in and a store to shop in that had the. coolest. clothes. ever. (that I’ve seen in Brazil, anyway.)

I also really like the tone of the club. It’s really laid back, super accepting of all kinds of personalities and styles, and thankfully devoid of the people who are go to clubs just to see and be seen. Instead, I saw lots piercings and tattoos, lots of same-sex couples, lots of dreads, and I don’t think a single person bothered to look my way. I could take this as an insult but I’m just not interested in anyone looking my way so the pure fact that I went ignored actually made for a hassle-free night and I could more enjoy the company of my friends than worry about what the hell I looked like. The music was great–80’s British and American music, and a wide variety of it, interspersed with some crap, but that’s par for the course at any club I guess.

What wasn’t par for the course was the hour and a half wait to get inside the club. I don’t like clubs to begin with and I don’t like waiting. So it appeared from the outside that I wasn’t much going to like the whole evening. But my friends wanted to go and I didn’t care either way, so I waited along with them, and was glad when we got inside. The strobe light on the upstairs dance floor (where the master bedroom might be had it been a real house party) made both Mandy and me sick to our stomachs–something about the timing of the pulses of light. Too slow, I think. I felt drastically better looking down at the floor, but it’s not much fun to dance while looking at your feet, so we spent most of our time downstairs with the people.

We left the club at 3:30 and for whatever reason, I think it was all the sugar from the caipirinha I drank, I couldn’t fall asleep right away, keeping myself busy well into the next hour. When I woke up at 9, I knew I’d better keep resting because tomorrow’s Monday and if there is ever a day when you need to have had lots of sleep the night before, it’s Monday. It’s 7:30 at night now and I’m beginning to feel the angels of sleep approaching.

To all of you up in the States with tomorrow off because of Labor Day, enjoy! I’ve got a 3-day weekend this week, at the end, during which I’ll be traveling to Ilha do Cardoso. Summer’s drawing to a close for all of you, but it’s just the beginning down here.

Check back tomorrow for a (Mon)Day in Review.




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